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5 ideas for a YouTube channel

Updated on November 27, 2012
YouTube can bring some serious income if you're a talented and creative person.
YouTube can bring some serious income if you're a talented and creative person. | Source

We know a lot of YouTube celebrities. There are people, who even manage to become a millionaires thanks to their creativity, which is expressed in their videos. YouTube can bring you a solid success and even give you a chance to become a worldwide star! Most important thing is to be creative. Be creative, bring some new ideas or upgrade some already well known ideas, but definitely don't try to simply be like someone. Be yourself, bring some originality. It's also important to find the right category for your videos. For example, if you love sports, there would be no use to create a blog about fashion or something like that... Pick a topic where you have knowledge. That will improve your chances to be seen and heard on YouTube.

1 - Create a podcast

Not all of us have HD video cameras (I know, they don't cost a lot anymore, but anyway). If you don't have camera, that's not a problem. Record podcast about sports, travel, fashion or anything else you know you can tell people about. Put some quality pictures and create a video with some motion pictures. Length of your video depends on your creativity and knowledge. If you can tell interesting and useful information for an hour, do it! If you can't, speak for 5-10 minutes and see what the reaction of your viewers will be. Can't guarantee that this will bring a millions of views, but there could be some interest if you will bring a quality content.

2 - Create an animated show

That's a more difficult idea, which takes not only a creativity and ideas, but also some serious skills with various software's. If you have such skills, you can try to create a short (3-5 min) shows about various topics. For example, about various funny videos we can found on internet. That's not the most original idea, but if your animations will be good enough, I think many would keep interest on such idea. You can also create some short cartoons about sports or politics. Maybe some parodies of famous people or something like that.

3 - Be a showman yourself!

Previous two ideas are for those, who doesn't feel so confident in front of camera. But if you have confidence, you can try to host your own show. There you will need less skills in animation and such, but you still will have to spend few hours, while you'll edit your video and prepare it for publishing. And of course, you will need a HD camera. Pick a good place where to record this video and go on! Ideas for your show once again can be various, everything depends on you. Something funny, something serious or something seriously funny... Sky is the limit for such shows. And there's a lot of good examples around YouTube.

4 - Interviews

If you have some friends with you, there's a possibility to take a role of correspondent and interview people around the streets. Or if you already have some fame or contacts, you can invite some well known guests and create your own talk show. Such show can be longer than just a 5-10 minutes. If you have an interesting guest, you can ask questions and keep conversation for more than hour. Also, to bring some extra attention, use social networks, like Twitter. Maybe make some video before your interview and inform people, that they can ask questions through Twitter, Facebook or any other social network. That will help you to bring some extra viewers.

5 - Tutorials

If you have a great skills in work with various software's, like Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and so on, you can make tutorials and teach people, how to work with those software's, give them some good tips. And you also can make other tutorials. Maybe you're a good dancer and you can show some good moves, maybe you're a basketball coach and you can show some important drills for a young players. Ideas depends on your skills. If you have them, don't be afraid to showcase and share them. Many people surf on internet to learn something new. That's a good chance make a good and interesting show!

Some tips

Don't hurry. Work on your ideas and be patient. No one will like your video, if you won't put any effort on that. That can work out only when you get famous and you know that people anyway will be interested in things you do or say. While you're unknown to the masses, be patient and work, work, work... Ask some tips to more experienced bloggers and take the best from constructive critics. And always be read for nonconstructive criticism, because that's internet where you can find "trolls" and such type of people, who just make fun on everyone. Always stay calm and learn from the best people around the YouTube! Good luck!


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