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5 most important figures in the history of Apple

Updated on April 5, 2016

Date of last quarter, Apple has officially 40th round. After 40 years, Apple is the company with the world's largest value. To be successful today needs the contribution of many people, and here are five who are considered the most important in the history of Apple.
Steve Jobs (born 1955, died in 2011),

Not too much to say that Steve Jobs was the most important role in the survival and development of Apple to this day. Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple and is considered the man of visionary with a strong personality.

Steve Jobs had left Apple in 1985 and returned 11 years later, when Apple was in serious crises facing the risk of bankruptcy. The main leadership of Apple Steve Jobs helped overcome the difficulties to take the leading position in technology firms. The audacity of Steve Jobs helped him successfully debut iPhone or iPad, the product makes the breakthrough at the time of launch, and contribute to the success of Apple's era.

Steve Jobs died in October after a long time 10/2011 battle with pancreatic cancer, in regret of the world of technology and those who love Apple. Steve Jobs is widely known as the "sorcerer" or "legendary CEO" for his contributions to Apple.

Steve Wozniak (Born 1950)

If Steve Jobs is considered the soul of Apple's Wozniak the minds of companies. After the establishment of Apple with Steve Jobs, Wozniak was the one who designed and assembled by hand Apple I, the first Apple computer sold in the market and create the initial success for the company.

After the success of the Apple I, Wozniak designed the Apple II continued, the first personal computer with the ability to display color graphics display and built-in BASIC programming language. Apple II and then became one of the personal computer is the most successful mass production.

Steve Wozniak then left Apple in the early 1980s to go back to school to continue his unfinished, but then again return to Apple Wozniak in 1983 before leaving again in 1985 to started own career.

Steve Wozniak major who laid the groundwork for Apple's initial success. If Steve Jobs held strategic business, Wozniak had created the Apple mark in the market. Although Apple has long abandoned but Wozniak is still the world of technology is respected as a pioneer in the world of technology and astute observations bring influential.

Mike Markkula (Born 1942)

This is Apple's first shareholders after the company established. Mike Markkula had accepted a $ 250,000 investment amount to Apple product development and market development for its first product at the end of the 70s of last century.

Mike Markkula then held the chair of Apple's CEO during the period from 1981 to 1983 and remained with Apple until Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1997. Then Markkula continue to invest in the project launch other career.

Jonathan Ive (Born 1967)

Is considered a "legendary design" Apple, who helped create products with designs of high assessment of the "apple".

Jonathan Ive joined Apple in 1992 and became head of Apple's design team in 1996. Ive is the person responsible for designing many important products of Apple n damaged iPod, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air , Mac mini, iPhoen, iPad, iPad mini, Apple Watch and iOS.

Currently holding position of Vice President in charge of design, Jonathan Ive has received numerous awards for design and its contribution to the industrial design sector. Jonathan Ive held the decision on the design of Apple's new product sample today.

During his life, Jonathan Ive seen CEO Steve Jobs is one of the trusted and most intimate.

Tim Cook (Born 1960)

If Steve Jobs had laid the foundation and provide the key to the next level Apple Tim Cook had helped to push further the success that Apple has achieved.

Tim Cook took over Apple's CEO chair in 2011, a few months before Steve Jobs died. When sitting on the couch CEO of Apple, many people were concerned that Tim Cook can not go beyond the shadow of Steve Jobs too large to leave, but what Tim Cook performed to date show that Tim Cook still very successful with the lead Apple. Under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple has grown to become a valuable company the world's largest with an estimated market value of more than 610 billion dollars.

Apple not only constantly breaking records in terms of revenue, Tim Cook is also a way to handle the problem effectively soft but other than strong character and temper of Steve Jobs before. Apple how to deal with the US government in requesting unlock iPhone terror suspects in recent times showed resilience problems Tim Cook in the head position valuable company best of the world.

Pham Quang Huy


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