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5 of the Best Things About Being a Process Server

Updated on January 9, 2016

There are a variety of ways servers are identified.

Some states have servers carry a badge for identification.
Some states have servers carry a badge for identification.
Others issue state identifications similar to a  permit or license. These typically come with a fee.
Others issue state identifications similar to a permit or license. These typically come with a fee.

There are more than a few things changing for future job opportunities. A lot of the modifications come from the changing structure of the economy. Unconventional jobs have been created and those around for decades dwindled or disappeared. Job seekers are reduced to changing with the times or remaining unemployed. Looking ahead to the future means investigating something different and new. The scope of what is considered a regular nine to five job has certainly become something else.

Process servers have been one of those bodies of work far flung from the mainstream. Now it is more common than working an assembly line at a plant. Discover if this is something of interest for the next career change possibility.

The basics

A process server is delivering a legal document, typically to appear in a court of law to a recipient. A court has summoned a recipient to appear on a certain day at a certain hour and this is the notification of the appointment.

If this sounds appealing, find out more about it. There are some advantages to putting the next application in as a process server.

Great for certain types of individuals

This is not a job for everyone. Like every other employment possibility some personalities fit better than others. The hours are sometimes unpredictable and there is certainly some level of excitement and at times danger.

A patient individual is ideal for the process server job. There are more times than not when it is a waiting game to get the paperwork where it is needed. For some this is unacceptable and the anxiety of waiting is not worth it. Self-starters thrive in this kind of environment.

The average person who enjoys a quieter atmosphere for earning a paycheck needs to second guess this prospect. It does not involve spending a majority of the time sitting at a desk in a cubicle on the phone or at a computer.

Little to no education needed

The amount of education needed is minimal at best. The skills which make a better worker are not learned in the classroom setting. Unlike a scientist or engineer, great math expertise is not required. In fact, a high school diploma is the highest level of education actually necessary.

A special type or kind of degree is unnecessary in this line of work. There is little to no training which is enormously appealing for countless folks.

Hours are extremely flexible

Nine to five is rarely where process servers are found. They are searching for the recipient and the hours are somewhat unconventional to say the least. Even if the papers are delivered outside of the normal clerk of court hours, the process is considered complete.

Not everyone works nine to five jobs. Countless have a variety of diverse schedules. For instance, the recipient is a truck driver. He is driving a load over the road and gone more than 3 out of every 4 weeks each month. A doctor during residency has an on-call schedule which is more than impossible to follow or narrow down to a routine.

These are the types of situations a process server faces while working. Since the recipient is not at home or work what is considered “normal hours”, neither is the person looking for them.

An hour or two in the evening makes up for not working eight hours in the day. For loads of servers day hours are freed up for doing other things.

The chance to be outside of a building is much greater than any desk jockey job. A variety of locations are met throughout the day and night. There are no set daily hours for a server.

Great work from home opportunity

When looking for prospect for a small work from home business, a process server certainly qualifies. In fact, there is little to no overhead for an office. Most services are done via the internet and transportation costs are related to the actual service itself. A cell phone is possibly the only other tool used by the server.

With flexible hours the charm is alluring for lots of stay at home moms and dads. Hours to coincide with school days are delightful.

Be the Boss

Probably one of the biggest appeals is running the show. The ability to be the boss is wonderful in countless ways. This is appealing in setting the hours worked each day, days off and days on as well as how many to do each day. The only real limits are set by the dates on the paperwork being handled.

A few like to divide a work week between working in the field and doing research. For example, Monday and Tuesday are research while the rest of the week is spent seeking out folks and delivering documents.

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Self-motivation and the ability to work alone are remarkable characteristics to own in this line of work. Both of these come in big time for the research needed in nearly every case. Exploration into personal info is rather the norm and not the exception. Examining even small details are able to assist servers in the line of duty.

Research is a big darn deal for employment. Learning the location of where a person works, lives, plays and even what kind of car is driven are sometimes important to success. The capability to handle more than one client is a plus.

Earnings or wages expectations

The expectation of what wages or earnings are out there in this field vary. Depending on a various influences it is possible to get a great one. Where an individual lives, how many are served per day or week and even working independently or part of a team or workforce are all considerations into the equation.

This is a wonder resource to look into earnings. National salary data puts the numbers between $23,178 and $72,994. Check into the details for a specific geographical area and other elements to what a worker is capable of making.

There are some disadvantages to consider. These are several of the main ones capable of dissatisfying countless prospect process servers.

Fees for getting started

Depending on what location is chosen for work, the possibility exists fees are due upfront. Most of these are for background checks, insurance, a written test (if required for the jurisdiction), license and surety bond. Some of these are not extremely steep. Though, putting money up front for a type of employment which may or may not work out is a risk.

Biggest disadvantage

One of the biggest drawbacks is the major course of action in the job, serving up bad news. This is when the recipient gets the paperwork delivered. Each piece must be hand delivered face to face.

This is stereotypically not good news and people are on average in a stressful part of life. There is an open feeling of humiliation tied to the process. Individuals become emotional which includes anger in lots of cases. This is when it is advisable to have an innate ability to be able to read a person and handle the situation accordingly. The worst mindsets attempt to physically attack the server.

There are times when the mental state expressed is in the form of tears. Diffusing the emotion as best as possible is the straightforward approach which works out best. This is a circumstance which confronts the server day in and day out. This is emotionally taking a toll for countless folks. Remaining calm and collected during this interaction is imperative in numerous cases. It makes the difference between a good delivery and one going terribly wrong.


Tons of people living in this country never come into contact with a process server.

Taking what was once considered a marginal job at best, has become something much more. What was once considered an outlying job taken only in dire straits has become more main stream. The frontier is full of similar prospects. For this reason there is an interest in being a process server. It is not as boring as it appears to be.

In conclusion

A process server job was once considered a marginal place for employment. The nation’s economy has made it one which is extremely in the forefront of today’s workforce. These were individuals scarcely seen, but are now thrust to the limelight like never before.

Becoming a process server is not for everyone and making an informed decision about whether this is a good fit for a person is important. Discover as much info as possible before stepping into this world. It is quite different from the average nine to five job.

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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 2 years ago from all over the web

      the pay scale for a server varies. factors or influences are what area of the country a worker lives in, the laws governing this type of work which are in place among other things. adding more info on the subject.

    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 2 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      The only thing missing in this article and what I consider of prime importance.

      How much do the people make: That will inself allow me to decide if the risk is worth the effort.