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5 secrets of making customers happy

Updated on May 1, 2016

If you own a business, you're always trying to please everyone, at least your customers. Because, they are not just generate revenue for businesses but also this really is the most wonderful feeling when you make your customers happy. There will be many ways to the customer is always smiling, always "happy" and here are 5 simple tips to help your extremely successful.

1. Note

Make sure you're understanding of customer needs, identify the expectations and communication styles. If you've worked with someone for a while, you will understand their habits if you are interested in them.

For example, if the email is too short to chat while your client wants to talk about a more important idea. Instead of sending big ideas via email, please sit down and arrange an appointment to discuss the matter. Besides, you should also care about the most important problems of our customers.

2. Attention to the customer's schedule

Do not just be a business focused on sales only, start studying the schedule of your regular customers. Send a birthday message to an Email or a special anniversary, the customer can not read immediately, but when opened they will be very pleased and happy to see us though the next day.
Learn and love and attention to the customer's schedule
3. Ask what's important to your customers

Get to know the style of the customer conversation and find the issues important to them, the reason why they have to look to the product, your service so that the customer meets the best possible way. The help is not redundant. When customers solve problems makes them the most headaches, feelings will probably great as ever.

4. Receive error

Be quick to admit it. If there had been improper behavior standards with customers, quickly sent to their most sincere apologies. Do not let customers feel hurt. Responsibility and conduct readjustment problems in your plan.
Timely receipt and correct errors with customers
5. Leading

Do more than what is required or what was planned to do. At work, we need to focus on day to day the main goal. And our customers are the audience should get more than the expectations. Takes care of your customers on top, and collect opinions and comments of the "God", use it as a basis to check and adjust.


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