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5 tips to optimize your content by letting the SEO side

Updated on April 6, 2016

Optimizing content often means optimizing websites to get better positioning in search engines like Google.However, the multitude of channels driving traffic to our site (and allowing us to gain visibility for our brand) obliges us to push our reasoning further, beyond the commonly used techniques to win the first places in the lists results, seeking to optimize our presence in each bracket. This article proposes to discover how brands manage to create more interesting content while enjoying the benefits of the digital environment to facilitate their distribution.

How can you ensure that your users constantly consume your content? By making mobile! Mobile devices are part of our daily and all our activities, so the content must be suitable for this use. Louis Vuitton has understood this principle and has adapted its traditional guide books (City Guides) by creating a mobile application. Consumers of the brand can thus access information on attractions, restaurants, cafes, etc. in various major cities: as many recommendations that are sure to be useful to them during their next trip! The application is currently available on iPhone and iPad only.

No company escapes criticism or is immune to a crisis that can manhandle Internet reputation. Marks is also known that users are more likely to comment on or publish content when it is a negative experience.McDonald's knows this and has decided to make it an asset to Canada with the campaign: Unthinkable without the producers of Canada. Our food. Your questions . On this website, McDonald's answers questions from customers concerning the quality of ingredients used in the branded restaurants. The huge volume of questions and answers in multiple formats, forced them to adapt the site for users to quickly find answers to their questions with one side, preset filters for segmenting responses thematically and, secondly, the segmentation options depending on the type of content (photos, videos, etc.) by type of search keys: "What happened McCrêpes? "

To draw attention and maintain your brand awareness, differentiation is an essential criterion in a world already overwhelmed by other companies content, bloggers and other users with access to the internet in general. Vueling has very well understood and has demonstrated with this interactive infographic showing the steps to follow when traveling with children or babies. The infographic includes links to the main website, but also to other useful content on this theme. In addition to providing useful information to parents, children can also get a first flight certificate to download and print!

You attract a lot of traffic through your presence on social networks, your ranking in the search engines, you have been released and have got links from relevant sites in your industry. But this could end one day to the other! You do not control the decisions of these platforms (changes in the algorithm of search engines, organic visibility reduced from social networks, etc.). All this can be a real challenge for brands that need to find new ways connect and maintain the relationship with their audience . For example, Greenpeace France offers to send daily news related to the COP21, leaving only your email. This technique allows the brand to follow the relationship with its users.

As we said at the beginning of this article, life goes beyond the optimization for search engines. We therefore recommend to consider the following when creating your next content:

  • Adaptation for mobile devices;
  • Optimization for different social networks;
  • easy access to information when the amount of information is too important;
  • Good knowledge of users with small "gifts" in the form of useful content;
  • interactive and fun look.

If you have more tips, please let us know in your comments!


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