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5 ways multitasking hurts your productivity

Updated on November 12, 2014
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These days, you multi-task almost at every occasion. You eat and at the same time, browse the internet or you can have multiple tabs opened in your browser window, you use Photoshop and word at the same time but what you probably don’t know is that doing it heavily can enormously affect you productivity.

Here in this post, I’m going to point out some ways multitasking upsets your productivity and I’ll explore the best ways to multi-task.

1- It takes out your focus

What most people don’t understand is that splitting up their attention across many tasks can lead them to lack of focus completely on any of the tasks which will lead to doing nothing worthy. Here is how:

  1. By sharing value across different tasks, you can’t manage them well.
  2. All the tasks will look more important than another.
  3. Your mind is overloaded with stresses.

As long as you can avoid multi-tasking heavily, you will end up working more smoothly.

2- you'll be overwhelmed

You will become overwhelmed when you have too much tasks disturbing your mind, because as your brain becomes too busy, you’ll start becoming tired, hating what you are doing, feeling stressed and disturbed, you’ll lose your sensual maintainability and you’ll be out of consciousness, which will specially disturb your productivity.

3- You will lack good management

As far as human brain is concern, overloading it will make it incapable of managing tasks between. For everything to work as expected, every task needs to be managed efficiently.

You can easily forget an important part of a task and as a result, depending on the type of the jobs, something may go wrong which you will then start struggling consuming your time finding where something went wrong.

Multi-tasking in actual sense should not be done the way it can pilot to vulnerabilities.

4- you'll lack proper understanding of your task

Again, multi-tasking heavily can affect you this way, making you unable to comprehend what you are doing almost in totality because of how you divide up your mind, Make you forget the purpose of a specific task, or misunderstand it the way it is planned.

Understanding is of very crucial importance. You don’t know when errors will appear in you workings and then you don’t understand the complete body of the project let alone realizing these errors.

That will be easier if you have the adequate understanding of your that task which will lead to using less time to troubleshoot.

5- You will end up doing useless than important

As I earlier stated, whenever you do too much-tasking, everything will start to look more important than another and this is how your mind is deceived to doing useless than an important productive task. We all know that productivity does not only mean doing more with less but also doing the right things at the right time.

Your solution

The first step to avoiding these problems is to limit how much you multi-task. If possible, make a single task the focal point, and avoid unnecessary stuffs.

If you must do a massive amount of multi-task, then the most option is to concentrate more on the most worthy once. Perhaps, you should multi-task only when your current task needs another different job like writing that needs you to research occasionally.

You should also plan ahead. By that, I mean plan and allocate your time to each of the jobs before anything else.

let me see if my solution helps you!!

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    • uthmansy profile image

      shuaib 3 years ago from nigeria


      thank you for reading my hub :)

      also prioritization is also a good idea!!


    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thank you uthmansy, for this interesting hub!

      Sometimes multitasking is unavoidable and we have to do it. I believe planning ahead can help us to finish our tasks successfully.

      I like the way you presented your thoughts on this topic. Thanks and voted up!