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50 Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Updated on August 11, 2015

There are hundreds of small to medium tasks that a busy business owner will have to complete in a day. A virtual assistant can take on many of the mundane but necessary tasks to help your business run smoothly. Here are 50 tasks that you can give to virtual assistants to free yourself up for core business tasks that you can't delegate.

Blogging Tasks

  1. Generating blog ideas

  2. Keeping blog up to date

  3. Blog backup

  4. Updating plugins

  5. Writing posts

  6. Maintain editorial calendar

  7. Optimizing posts for SEO

  8. Managing comments

  9. Spreadsheet of covered topics

  10. Sharing blog posts on social media

Email and Schedule Management

  1. Filtering emails and spam

  2. Answer emails

  3. Appointment scheduling

  4. Customer service email reponse

  5. Travel reminders

  6. Planning itinerary

  7. Calendar management

  8. Newsletter creation

  9. Email marketing organization

  10. Sending birthday cards and event reminders

Administrative Tasks

  1. Forms creation

  2. Online research

  3. Lead generation

  4. Checking voice mail

  5. Client invoicing

  6. Project management tasks

  7. Receptionist duties

  8. Bookkeeping

  9. Personal errands

  10. Create reports

Social Media Tasks

  1. Scheduling social media posts

  2. Create and manage social media profiles

  3. Communicate with consumers on social media

  4. Increase followers on Twitter

  5. Schedule and track pins on Pinterest

  6. Gain fans on Facebook

  7. Manage YouTube videos

  8. Create analytic reports

  9. Write posts to share

  10. Promote pages and profiles

Graphic Design

  1. Designing logos

  2. Designing websites

  3. Creating ebook covers

  4. Design headers for social media and blog posts

  5. Infographics with provided content

  6. Landing pages

  7. Picture creation

  8. Advertising banners

  9. Marketing flyers

  10. Print media

If you have a task you'd like to delegate that's not on this list, it's almost guaranteed that there is a virtual assistant who can perform it for you.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      This sounds very cool if I could get it to do just some of those tasks well it might be worth it!

    • JeanetteK profile image

      Jeanette 2 years ago

      That is true. There's still a learning process with some of the automated software. A business owner has to decide which tasks they'd be have time to learn versus delegating or performing themselves.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      mikeydcarroll67 2 years ago

      Great list! Some of these can actually be automated instead of outsourced.