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5S Games and Training Simulations

Updated on January 21, 2015
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I am a lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Quality Management, and Business Management trainer and consultant with experience around the world.

5S Games and 5S Training Simulations

5S Games and Training Simulations are by far the best way of educating your workforce in the application of 5S in your workplace. 5S is a methodical way of organizing your workplace to reduce or eliminate the impact of the seven wastes and ensure standard ways or working are introduced.

5S is a foundation block of any lean manufacturing implementation, without which your implementation is going to fail. 5S is one of the simplest lean manufacturing tools to use and the benefits of 5S are significant; giving as much as 10% to 30% improvements in efficiency is typical.

5S is performed by your whole workforce, all of your employees will require 5S training, and like any other training it is easier to get the message over using a simple game or training simulation rather than a boring slideshow.

Below I have selected a number of 5S games and training simulations that are easy to use and will add value to any training event. All of these games I have either "played" or have delivered as a trainer.

The Best 5S Training Games

Below I have selected what I believe to be the top 5S training games for you to use when training your employees or even to use as a consultant trainer.

I have used or seen all of the simulations in use so can vouch for their usefulness when training.

5S Game
5S Game | Source

5S Nuts and Bolts Exercise

The Nuts & Bolts Exercise - A GBMP Lean Training Game
The Nuts & Bolts Exercise - A GBMP Lean Training Game

A simple and effective simulation of the benefits of 5S that can be used by anyone. One of the easiest simulations to use with a DVD to show you all the learning points.


5S Nuts and Bolts game

The 5S nuts and bolts exercise is a very simple to use and effective demonstration of the benefits of 5S. Its simplicity means that it is easy to relate to and the included DVD means that you don't even have to worry about standing up to explain what has been achieved within the training exercise.

Anyone could use this simple 5S training simulation and get over the main learning points of 5S.

If you are familiar with the concepts of 5S this Lean training game would be very easy to adapt to fit your own specific products rather than the nuts and bolts used within the 5S simulation.

5S is not rocket science and for some it seems like so much common sense, yet we still fail to implement the ideas in real life. Because this 5S simulation uses parts that most people are very familiar with it gives the participants something they can actually relate to. This allows them to better relate what they learn back to their own workplace.

5S Game Video

5S Training Simulation; 5S in a Bag

5S Training Simulation
5S Training Simulation | Source

5S in a Bag Training Simulation

5S in a Bag Simulation
5S in a Bag Simulation

The cheapest and easiest to use 5S training simulation available, but as effective as any other on the market for showing the benefits of 5S


5S in a Bag, training game

The 5S in a bag game is an inexpensive easy to use training simulation that again anyone could use. Through the use of magnetic letters you work your way through the steps of 5S and measure the improvements made at each step.

The simplicity of this 5S game makes it very easy to understand and use, the stopwatch quickly showing a ten-fold or more improvement in cycle time as you work your way through the 5S process.

I would recommend this 5S game for anyone starting out running 5S training as its price can actually make it cheaper than any home designed and built 5S training simulations.

There is a video below that demonstrates this training package in action. With 5S it is often the simplest training packages that make the greatest impact on those using them.

5S Simulation Video

5S Games; Standardized Working

5S Games
5S Games | Source

5S Stadardised work game

The Pegboard Game: Standardized Work Simulation - A GBMP Lean Training Product
The Pegboard Game: Standardized Work Simulation - A GBMP Lean Training Product

A simple to use 5S simulation showing how standardized working practices in conjunction with improved layout can improve performance many times over.


5S Pegboard Game

Many people forget the aspects of standardized working when trying to train people in 5S, purely focusing on the workplace organizational aspects. It is the introduction of standardized work that makes 5S such a powerful and effective tool.

This game can highlight all of the aspects 5S implementation as well as a focus on standardized working within the 5S game. Standardised working is almost certainly one of the most important aspects of 5S so the added focus in this area makes it well worth the small investment.

Again, like the packages above it is very simple and easy to use.

The game is played through several improvement iterations and is designed so that you can even get teams to compete against each other to add that extra bit of "fun" to the training. This "fun" however has a serious side to it as it gets your teams to work together to beat both the performance of the other teams as well as bettering their own times from previous rounds.

5S Training Games in Use

5S Training Simulation
5S Training Simulation | Source

Lean Games

Lean Games
Lean Games | Source

Lean Games Book

The Lean Games Book
The Lean Games Book

THE top book for easy to use and highly educational lean games. I have used several of the authors games and can say with confidence that you will not be disappointed.


5S Games Book

John Bicheno is by far my favorite author with regards to Lean Manufacturing, his books and games are simple to use and easy to understand. I have used several of the ideas within this book myself and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to become a lean consultant and conduct 5S training programs.

The games within the book cover many aspects of lean including 5S.

The good thing about this book is that you can adapt the ideas and games that it describes to reflect your own company and products rather than an "out of the box" training simulation that maybe your people will not relate too.

This book also helps you to have some of those "light bulb" moments as you suddenly realize what the purpose of a specific step in 5S or other lean tools is really for.

These games are perfect for sparking discussion within any lean training event as well as breaking the ice and getting people involved. With games that take literally a few minutes to play this book is great for breaking up any lean training event with relevant and enjoyable tasks.

Use 5S Training Simulations

Training with 5S Simulations
Training with 5S Simulations | Source

5S Training Session and Game

5S Simulation
5S Simulation | Source

5S Training Session

5S Visual Enterprise Session Including Videos and Simulation
5S Visual Enterprise Session Including Videos and Simulation

A simple to use comprehensive training package for 5S including an effective simulation.


5S Visual Enterprise Simulation

A more in depth 5S training package than those above with a full blown 5S training package including manual, DVD, and a simple to use simulation.

If you are looking for an all encompassing training package for your 5S training needs then this will likely meet your expectations. The book is useful and comprehensive (I have a copy) and the simulation I have also used.

This 5S Training package and simulation will be invaluable if you don't have the time yourself to put together a comprehensive package.

Like all of the other games and simulations above it is easy to follow and effective when used. Again there is no need to use it exactly as it is written you can adapt many of the materials to better reflect your own products and processes.

5S Training Games in Use

Use 5S Games to make Training Fun
Use 5S Games to make Training Fun | Source

5S Visual Management

5S Training Simulation Package
5S Training Simulation Package | Source

5S Visual Management Simulation

Automatic Recoil: The Visual Where Training Package
Automatic Recoil: The Visual Where Training Package

Visual Management and how you can use it to improve your workplace performance.


5S Simulation Training Package

Again a more comprehensive training package very much focusing on the visual management aspects of 5S. Lots of good examples of how to use visual management as part of an overall business improvement process as well as within 5S.

A professional looking and easy to use package.

Many people fail to realize that after standardization the most important aspect of 5S is that of making problems obvious. It is the visual management aspects of 5S that many of the simpler 5S games above fail to cover.

By making problems obvious through visual management 5S forces us to take action at all levels in the organization. No matter if you are an operator on a machine or the president of the board if you see something out of place it is your responsibility to question why. This package looks very much at this aspect of 5S that the simpler simulations and training packages ignore or fail to cover well.

Using Games Within Training

Do you think Games and Simulations are an effective way of training people in 5S?

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Creat your own 5S Training game

Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box
Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box

Tackle box to use as your workplace.


5S Training Simulations

Create your own 5S Game
Create your own 5S Game | Source

Lego 5S Training

LEGO Big Bulk Set
LEGO Big Bulk Set

Create product simulations using standard lego building blocks.


Create a 5S Game

For those of you who are more creative you may wish to create your own version of one of the games from above. All of the 5S games take you through a process of improvement that is measured by the time taken to assemble simple models or arrange letters. Each stage of the game then using the requirements of 5S to rearrange and improve.

This can be easily replicated using Lego bricks and tackle boxes (tool boxes), I used to carry a series of them that were arranged as per the principles of 5S. The first had all of the required parts to assemble a simple model, plus many additional parts all mixed in the bottom of the box with a poorly written set of instructions, through to the final box which only had the required parts, clear photographic instructions and all of the parts oriented and arranged in the order required. As you can imagine it would take a few seconds to arrange the model from the final box and a few minutes from the first (if they got it right at all).

You can also download simple paper exercises that can then be used to demonstrate the steps of 5S such as the 5S numbers or letters game.


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    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 6 years ago from At the Gemba

      Thank you for reading outsidethelines, the topic choice of 5S games and training simulations is very much in line with all of my other hubs around lean manufacturing, just this time I wanted to try to promote some of the products available out there to buy.

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      OutsideTheLines 6 years ago from Tulsa, OK

      Looks very interesting. Good hub and topic choice!