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5 Ts' of Making Money Online

Updated on August 16, 2011
5 Ts' of Making Money Online
5 Ts' of Making Money Online


How to make money online? was the first question in my mind and “making money online” was the first search term that I googled to take a dive into the vast ocean of Online Money Making.

The 5 Ts'

Making money online is not only the hottest search term but also a very crucial thing for all of us. Many of us take it up as a full time job while others try to grab a handful dollars working part time.

Well, if you are working part time like me then there are 5 things you must be ready with:

1. Time

2. Tools

3. Topics

4. Talent

5. Team

Yes, these 5 T’s will tell you if you are really ready for making money online. Trust me; making money online is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of effort, dedication and perseverance. Out of my experience I have made a list of 5 Ts’ which you will require before you can start making money online. If out of the 5 Ts’ you do not have even 1 then you must re-think on your decision or come out with some other alternatives to it.

Let me explain each T in detail:

1. Time:
Time is the first and foremost thing you must have to start making money online. Unless and until you have enough time, you cannot start off making money online. No matter if you have a full time job and you want to take online money making as part time, it does require your time actually. Various money making programs claim they are automatic and do not require you to give your time, but I bet they are hardly legitimate. Whatever way you choose, be it writing articles, freelancing, web development, gigs, hubbing etc. you ought to invest your time. So if you think working online must pay you off with your expected returns then you must invest fair amount of time in your online money making business. For beginners I would suggest they should at least devote one hour daily. Even if you are not writing articles or doing your online job, you must research in your area of interest to gain some more knowledge of it and explore new ways of making money online.

2. Tools:
Tools are definitely the next important thing you must have before you start making money online. When I say tools, it means a Laptop/Desktop, a mobile (with GPRS) preferably a smart phone, an internet connection – definitely not a dial-up but a broadband or a 3G connection, an office suite – preferably MS Office. This list is not exhaustive; you may require other additional software as you expand your online business to different avenues. Even though many online money making programs claim you can work from a cyber café, it proves to be costly as it will cut down from your revenue and reduce your profits. It is advisable to get yourself a desktop or laptop. You may use a used laptop as you begin and then later get yourself a new one from your profits earned out of your online money making business. I would also suggest you to use a smart phone, because you can use it on the go as you travel to places. You might not be able to carry your desktop to various places, but surely your mobile can help you overcome the difficulty and so you can give more time to your online business. Your internet connection is the most important tool of all. You may have plenty of time and the best of tools in place but if you do not have a broadband internet connection then it will be a bit difficult for you. In today’s world, speed is everything. With the introduction of 3G in developing nations and 4G in developed nations, you may not want to lag behind with a dial-up connection in hand. So get yourself the best service provider and choose the best data plan that suits your requirement. Last but not the least; an office suite is an essential part of your home business. You may want to use MS Office Home edition, but it is required and you cannot do away with it. You will need to write articles offline and then paste it into your blogs or website, you may require it to prepare power point presentations of your online business and upload it on your website. You may also want to prepare a certain documents and upload it on your website or blog. Moreover, Microsoft Word provides you the facility to write down your blog offline on the computer and directly publish it from the software itself, thus it frees you from many clicks on the way.

3. Topics:
Topics are the Ideas or as they say it a Niche on which you will write. Before putting your creative writing skills on paper, you must select a specific Niche to write for. This will make your online business targeted and you can focus upon a specific target audience. This will not only help you write quality articles but also help you to understand what that particular audience wants to read or get to know about. You will be choosing your own topics and as we all know it is very important for a writer to connect to its target audience, hence it is also very important for you to choose the right topic to write on. Not only the topic but your usage of words is equally important. If you use words that do not match the level of the target audience then you would hardly have any readers. Moreover you must also give proper examples relevant to your topics and easily understandable by your target audience. If you are into selling of a product then your write-up should match the product and not any random things. Be wise in selecting your topics and wiser in selecting your words.

4. Talent:
The 4th T on my list is Talent. There is no money unless you give to the community something that is of your own. Online money making is a vast field and there are a whole lot of competitors out there. So you have to stand out of the crowd if you want some real money to flow in else you will just find yourself struggling even after a year of starting off your online money making business and your dream to make money online will just remain a search term for you. You may not know programming or not know how to develop a website or how to sell a product but in the world of internet where everything is for sale, you will find websites where many talented people are ready to do the job for you at competitive rates. It is ok to get a website developed by a professional with some investment but the subject matter? The subject matter must be original and fresh straight from the brain. Unless and until you have something new to offer on the internet, you will not make your target money online. So in order to get the cash flowing in you have to specialize in a certain niche and gather all the expertise related to your area of interest. In the beginning it is ok to know something of everything but as you move forward you must know everything of something.

5. Team:
Team work always pays off. You may not find this point on many blogs speaking of making money online, but in my view team work is a very important ingredient to start making money online. As you begin it is not mandatory to make a team first, by team work I mean, as you move forward in your online money making business you must network with other workers of your kind and those who have similar interest as yours. Networking and relationship building strengthens every business and so will your online money making business benefit from it as well. You just have to get in contact with other online entrepreneurs through forums, groups, social networking sites, blogs etc. You have to interact with the team to get to know on the latest updates and trends in the online money making industry. The more you interact the more knowledge you will acquire which will help you earn more. One advice that I would give here is not to get into wrong teams which mean to harm the online money making industry with their wrong intentions and that cheat people or make money illegally. There are a lot of good hands out there ready to help you and provide you support as you move forward with your dream of making money online.

With these few points I also put forward my hand to support the beginners and look upon those experts to help me in my journey further.

I hope these 5 Ts’ will help any aspirant clearly understand where and what to start with. For any further clarifications or suggestions I welcome comments from my readers and also urge the experts to provide their valuable feedback.


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