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5 Key Components to Building A Huge Email List

Updated on September 7, 2014

5 Key Components to Building A Huge Email List

So, you want to build an email list?

You want to make money online?

You know that the general rule for email lists is that you earn $ 1 for every member every month.

That means that if you have 1,000 members in your list you will be earning $ 1,000 per month, on average over time. Imagine then what you would be earning if you had a crazy number, like, say, 100,000 members in your list? That would be $ 100,000 per month! What about an email membership of 250,000 in your list? That would be a crazy and ridiculous $ 250,000 every month!

How long do you think it would take to build a list that large? And how much would it cost to get it to that level?

Let me ask you a better question.

Would it really matter how long it took?

If you knew that you could get to earning $ 100,000 per month, every month for the rest of your life, is there anything that you would NOT do to get to those results?

So, what can you do to get there, sooner rather than later.

Here is what can help you.

A well-crafted email campaign that can draw visitors like flies to your site, and convert them to subscribers on your list once they show up anywhere on your site.

The key components for such a site are as follows:-

1. An Autoresponder

2. A Squeeze Page

3. A Bribe

4. An Opt-In form

5. Traffic.

We will look at each in turn.

First, the autoresponder.

You must have a good autoresponder that allows you to set it up with a series of mailing messages that you can send to your subscribers to offer them something they are seeking. Usually, it is a good idea to load it up with seven or ten messages that can give your subscribers what they need.

Next, is a Squeeze Page.

A good Squeeze Page is one that convinces visitors who land on it to input their name and email address in exchange for something of value that you are offering. That something can be anything from a newsletter to software to some other freebie that can entice them to provide their information. It should be in colour, preferably with a good short video, and certainly with ad copy that is short, well-written, in colour and converts visitors into subscribers.

Third, you should have a good bribe, or freebie to offer visitors to your Squeeze Page.

That bribe should be niche-related, have perceived value and entice visitors to enter their name and email address into your opt-in form in exchange for that freebie.

Fourth, you should have a good opt-in form that is easy to spot at the eye level of your readers, colourful, well-presented and converts. It should state that you do not share personal information with others and that you hate spam, in order to assure your visitors that they can safely provide their personal information.

Lastly, you need to drive traffic to your webpage.

Whether you concentrate on free or paid traffic sources, or even traffic from social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other like source you need to ensure that your webpage gets lots of traffic to it and often. The more traffic you drive to your webpage the more your Squeeze Page will convert that traffic into subscribers and the larger your list will grow. The larger your list grows, the larger your monthly income also rises which is the primary goal of every online marketer.

Every one of these components is an integral part of your online success.

When you design your webpage you must keep all of them in mind in order to get the best possible presentation of your page to the world. In that way you will ensure that you maximize the number of visitors that convert into subscribers. Remember, the more subscribers, the more income, and the more income the more level of sustained and repeat income that you can count on.

There you have it.

The 5 key components of a huge email list.

How to Build a Massive Email List!


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