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6-COST Effective Marketing Ideas

Updated on March 3, 2016
Jeff Watters profile image

Jeff Watters is a business consultant & freelance author who lives in Havre de Grace, MD, former manager of Mattress stores & AWAI member.

6-ways to Get the Word Out

Here are some very cost-effective ways any entrepreneur can use to win more customers and increase their market share. Remember, if someone doesn’t know of your business, they cannot buy from you, even when they need what you sell.

In a quiet area where you are comfortable and sure not to be interrupted layout a scratch pad and think about the person who buys what you sell. Define the product and determine why they want your product. Identify your customer’s motivation so you can correctly target the product to the right client base.
Repeat this process for each type merchandise or type of service that you offer. There are two factors involved here are the easiest to sell, and the most profitable line of products. Examine each so you can generate cash quickly when you need cash flow to meet long-term goals. Churn the quickest to move products in good times and put away the additional profits to market your most profitable products/services.

NOTE: People buy from my business because I increase their revenue.

Postcards may or may not convey a sense of urgency to the customer, but one thing is sure about using them, your client will turn your postcard over and read the message there. Don’t market with a letter when a postcard will do. I checked, and some are as inexpensive as $10 for 500 cards. So cheap you could use them for a variety of marketing purposes.
Other prospective consumers will see it too; not just the person addressed. Plus you get two messages out at the same time, with a visual image of your business and your advertising message.

In this century, you have a real advantage that will give you a double-barreled approach to surveys. What is wrong with asking customers what motivates them to buy? Plus you could add a survey on your website for next to nothing. You want to find out where they work, what magazines they read, their age, and other demographics. This information will tell you where and how to reach your targets. Offer a gift or discount for completing the survey.

Mail greeting cards to your customers including a coupon or special offer. Be sure to tell them about a product that they should give themselves as a birthday gift or reward.
Other occasions include anniversaries, holidays, and warranty expirations.

Join a referral group for referral marketing. There is nothing stronger than word of mouth advertising and networking groups only cost about $25 to $50 a month.

Marketing research shows a message must be repeated about 100-times to be remembered. Send multiple mailers to the same people. If you advertise, do it where you can afford to do it often and commit to at least one years’ time. I know this is the most expensive thing on the list and not every business can afford it but examine the yearly cost in any advertising plan and you will find out if you can commit or not. If you cannot stick with it for a year, then opt out.

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