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6 Easy Steps To View Your PhilHealth Records Online

Updated on March 22, 2015


PhilHealth is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) of the Philippines that primarily functions to implement the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) as prescribed under Republic Acts 7875, 9241 and 10606.

This program is in line with United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially MDGs Numbers 4-6, as PhilHealth is strongly committed to providing universal health coverage for all Filipinos.

Launching of the Member Inquiry Facility

After it was announced on PhilHealth's website last March 4, 2015, its Member Inquiry Facility was already opened to registration for its members.

“This is our pro-active move to encourage our members to update their records with us. The facility is there to make it easy for them to fulfill their responsibility to make sure that their member records are up-to-date, and help ensure hassle-free availment of benefits.” - PhilHealth President and CEO Alexander A. Padilla.

PhilHealth ID

Step 1

Prepare your PhilHealth ID and other important data about yourself.
You will need these in the registration process.

PhilHealth website, Member Inquiry, Register
PhilHealth website, Member Inquiry, Register | Source

Step 2

Visit the PhilHealth website,
on the right hand side, go to 'Member Inquiry' and click on 'Register'.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Basic Information, Security QuestionsConfirmation message
Basic Information, Security Questions
Basic Information, Security Questions | Source
Confirmation message
Confirmation message | Source

Step 3

Enter your 'Basic Information',
choose the 'Security Questions',
and enter the 'Security Code' in the Captcha Image.

If you have successfully filled up all of the fields with the desired information, you will get a confirmation message.

Step 4

As what the confirmation message [1] says, you need to check your email address' inbox to:
A. Get your system-generated password and;
B. Activate your account using the link that you'll be provided.

You may directly click on the link, or if it doesn't work that way, copy the URL and paste it on the address bar.


Step 5

Once activated, you will be asked to answer a Security question first then you will be able to access the Member Inquiry Facility.


Step 6

This page will primarily include Member Static Information (PhilHealth Number, Last, First and Middle Name, Date of Birth, and Gender) and provide you with links to the following important features:


PhilHealth Member Profile

You will see the same details here from your MDR. The only unique detail here is the date when your PhilHealth Number was created (Date Created).


PhilHealth Premium Contributions

If you are employed, you'll be able to see your Employer's Information here. The summary of your contributions will also be shown here and its breakdown in months.[2]


PhilHealth MDR Printing

Clicking this will render your Member Data Record (MDR). This is commonly used during benefit availment so it's useful to keep a copy with you.[3]

As what the reminder at the bottom part of your MDR says,

"Read the contents of the MDR. Should there be discrepancies, bring your copy to the nearest PhilHealth Office to amend or rectify error. Take good care of the MDR and do not hand it over to anybody."


Reset Password and Logout

I personally recommend that you start with this first. Change the system-generated password and nominate your own password, one that you'll easily remember so you won't need to open your email every time you access your online PhilHealth account.

Please always log-out before closing the window.

[1] You may need to wait for more than 24-48 hours before you get the confirmation message.
If you're having some trouble regarding your confirmation message, like me when I registered, I suggest you send them an email:
[2] Note that (if you are currently employed) only the months that your employed reported (through manual, RF1, or online, EPRS) will appear here. Unposted self-employed/ individual contributions will also not appear.
[3] You may want to keep a soft copy of your MDR. I kept mine under PDF format.

Security Tip: As much as possible, only access your account at home, through a secured connection.

Got any question?

For more details or to ask for assistance regarding your online registration, it's best that you visit the nearest PhilHealth Local Health Insurance Office, Satellite Office or Express Desks ( or contact them through:

Telephone (Call Center): (02) 441-7442
Twitter: @teamphilhealth

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