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6 Great Logos for Fitness Companies

Updated on May 18, 2013
Exhale Fitness logo
Exhale Fitness logo | Source

Companies with a strong brand identity will always lead the way in their field. A strong brand evokes an emotional response in a customer who believes that these products or services are superior to others, and who trusts the company to deliver what they promise. A loyal customer following can only be attained once a strong brand is defined.

As part of a branding exercise, a company will require a logotype – the small visual entity which enhances the brand message. A great logo will be professionally designed, memorable and attractive to the relevant target market. It will quickly show visually what the company is all about through clever use of shapes and colors, with the addition of a tagline or slogan to complete the picture.

These requirements all hold true for fitness companies and here is a selection of 6 of the best and why each logo is a winner:

Eclipse Fitness Club

Eclipse is a great name as it suggests the company is superior to all the others as it simply obscures them from view. This logo continues to play on the planetary eclipse theme with brightly colored concentric circles which are also reminiscent of Saturn’s rings. The modern looking font for the words and the clear placement of ‘Fitness Club’ make it clear that this is the place to go to if you want to get fit and healthy.

Glow Yoga

Here is a simple logo which makes it crystal clear what is on offer. Glow yoga is a modern take on the ancient Indian art of yoga whose aim is to balance mind, body and spirit. The logo is simple with pleasing symmetry, curves which suggest Indian artwork and an overall look of serenity.


Another spot on name for a fitness company. In this logo the large white ‘X’ is the focal point and could be seen as representing the name eXhale, although those white lines also appear symbolic of a heart beat on a monitor. The inversed ‘e’ at the beginning of the company name gives it an edgy and contemporary feel and the use of graduated blue suggests movement.

Phoenix Pilates

This logo is superb. The strong colors are eye catching but blue is a calming color suitable for Pilates. The overall image feels inspirational – look closely at the light blue flames rising from the word Phoenix and you see the figure of a person reaching to the skies. This logo will tempt anyone to try out Pilates – the sky’s the limit.

Go Personal Training

This logo couldn’t be more direct and to the point so it succeeds in getting its message across admirably. The use of nice masculine colors and a muscular male figure make it clear that this is the no nonsense way to sculpt the body and get fit with your own personal trainer. Now is the time to Go.

GoodLife Fitness

Another simple but effective logo. Red is the color of energy and this company is sending out the message that fitness is part and parcel of having a good life. As Canada’s largest health and fitness company this clear logo is definitely driving more customers its way.

Although all of these logo designs are completely different, they all work exceptionally well to support a strong brand by being memorable and clear about the message they are delivering. If you are looking for inspiration for your own fitness company’s logo, study these very different approaches and let the creativity flow!

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.


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