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6 Mistakes that Will Kill Your Blog

Updated on August 10, 2016

Blogging is a critical part to all content marketing strategies. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to effectively utilize their blog to attract quality customers. With a few simple steps, you can enhance your blog and begin to see the results you want.

Failing to Understand What Your Blog is About

Every blog has something to say. A blog for a CPA may offer clients insights on the new tax codes. A mommy blog will give fellow parents critiques of new child friendly products on the market. A blog about books will review the latest releases.

Your blog also provides readers with thought provoking information about your industry. While the occasional post about a non-related topic is perfectly fine, you generally want to stick with a overall theme.

Remember your blog will work with and enhance your content marketing strategies. It should not be the sole focus of those strategies. It is not a 500 word commercial for your service. It should provide useful information for your reader and make them want to come back time and again.

Inconsistent Posting

Most new bloggers believe they have to post everyday no matter what. Posting everyday is a great practice if you have something worthwhile to say. If not, you are clogging up your reader's inbox with useless information.

Unfortunately, these new bloggers often fall into a rut and then fail to publish anything new for several weeks or months. It's much better to establish an editorial calendar with regularly scheduled posts providing quality content.

For example, in the beginning you may want to publish once or twice a week. Then, add more content as you begin to focus your content marketing strategies more effectively. It's better to publish consistently on a weekly basis than to go completely off the grid for months on end. You don't want your customers to forget about you.

Titles With No Punch

Titles should draw your readers in and make them want to know more. Ineffective titling is one of the biggest derailers of most content marketing strategies. The post may be great and provide excellent content, but if no one ever readers it, it is ultimately a wasted effort.

Focus on creating quality titles. Use the fear of missing out principle. For example, "The 6 Most Dangerous Foods for Your Diet" creates a more urgent need for information in the reader's mind than say "Healthy Eating Tips." The content may be exactly the same, but by tapping into the reader's fear that she will miss out on valuable information, you will garner more readers for each post.

Poor Content and SEO

Not so long ago, all content marketing strategies focus primarily on search engine optimization. Content was important but it fell a distant second to keyword placement. As a result, content became heavily loaded with buzz words and very little useful information.

Then Google changed the algorithms used for SEO. Content must be unique and provide quality to the reader. If you are using spun content, cease and desist immediately. Write for your human audience and incorporate one or two keywords into your piece organically. Your content marketing strategies will have far more success.

Self Indulgence

While the occasional post about off topic subjects adds to the quality of your blog, these posts should not be the norm. Avoid self indulgent posts. Your reader's want to read about the subject matter for which you are an expert, not the last thing your toddler said, unless you're writing a family blog.

For example, if you operate a general contracting company which publishes pieces about home maintenance questions, tips, and suggestions, readers will appreciate a piece during the holidays that celebrates the season and wishes everyone a prosperous new year, or a post which offers safety tips for kids who may be trick or treating at Halloween. These types of pieces give the reader a glimpse into your personality and show that you are more than a business owner. However, they should not become the norm. Understand what your blog is about and focus your content marketing strategies on that.

Not Using Social Sharing

Every blogger wants a post to go viral. That's the best way to garner new readership and increase your customer base exponentially. Sadly though, few blog posts every see that kind of recognition.

Even though your posts may not produce millions of hits, you still have the opportunity to reach more readers by simply adding social sharing buttons to each post. These should be prominently placed so the reader can easily share a post they enjoyed. Don't make your readers work to share your content. Make that the easiest thing for them to do.


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