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6 SEO tips for Internet Start-ups

Updated on September 11, 2015

You might be hearing or reading a lot of success stories about internet start-ups and must be wondering, how and why you couldn’t do what they did. Well, the fact of the matter is for every one success story that you hear there are hundreds of failures people don’t talk about. There are set rules and patterns laid down to write your digital success story as an internet start-up; what you need to do is add that tad bit of innovation and soul of your business to it and serve it to your consumers. And, watch yourself grow!

As an internet start-up, building a fantastic website can solve a lot of problems, but your efforts might go down the drain if your audiences don’t reach your website. This requires you to formulate the right inbound digital marketing strategies. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important points you need to focus on, while formulating that strategy.

Yes, we know that you have an SEO strategy in place. But is it bringing in good results? No? Here are a few tips for you, which when implemented will lay a strong foundation for future digital marketing efforts by improving your current presence on the Search Engine Rank Pages (SERPs).

1. Know your name inside-out: Check out for trivial things like the branded domain names around your company’s name, the social profiles that exist. Research thoroughly about the competitive brands. Getting the ranks for branded phrases is easier if your company’s name is unique and is targeting unrelated searches. To make it easier, if you name your online show store ‘Happy Feet’, it will be tough to gain top positions in Google ranks since there’s already a movie that dominates the market with that keyword.

2. SEO has to be in the picture from the very start: SEO best practices need to be incorporated in your digital marketing plan since the beginning. SEO should actually come into picture at the earliest stages of web development, when the content is developed. Going back to fix the mistakes made during the development phase will pull you down.

3. Get a knack of your concepts and keywords: Your business is your baby. No one but you know the nuances of your business better. You have a sound understanding of your target market as well. All you now need to know is how your target audience searches for your domain of business online. This will help you develop your brand’s tonality and make SEO easier. Once you know the search phrases, create a list and try to incorporate high volumes of keywords in your website’s title tags, meta-tags, sub-heads, and body.

4. Check and re-check to ensure no technical SEO errors: Your website is ranked on the search engines only when crawlers are able to crawl through your website and include it in Google index. Hence, you need to doubly ensure that your content is just perfect so as not to block the search engines. This means your content should not be duplicative and your website is built on a flawless code.

5. PR-driven link building is an essential: As a start-up anything amazing that you do is newsworthy. Ensure that all good that you do is highlighted and covered by the media. While, PR will make people talk about you, you can actually backlink all the news stories and articles to your website. This will result in building trust with search engines, which in turn means higher ranking basis your chosen keywords.

6. Never lose the track: Search engines don’t point out the flaws in your strategy. Therefore, it is important for you to set goals, device a metric and keep a track of your efforts. Measuring these efforts on the basis of metrics laid, on a daily or weekly basis will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and will help you plan your way ahead to gain SERPs.

It’s easier said than done! However, if you regularly use these tips, you will see a drastic change in your SEO rankings and you will be in a position to write your own internet start-up success story for others to follow.


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