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7 Surprising Careers that Pay More than $100,000

Updated on April 26, 2012

It seems everyone is looking to find those jobs that have the opportunity to pay very well while offering satisfaction along the way. You may be surprised to find these seven careers offer the opportunity to earn six figures.

Technical Writers

While it isn't intuitive that Technical writers would be among those earning six figures, the top 10% are earning just above $100,000. It takes a special writer to be able to both write technically while engaging the reader. As a result, the best among the profession are compensated well for those talents.

Top 10% earn $100,910
Average yearly income: $66,240
Total number employed: 43,990
Best paying state: California

Personal Trainer

Of course not all personal trainers are earning more than $100,000, but for those with the right skills and client list, they are enjoying a six figure income. As with many professions, education and experience play an important role in earning power with the highest pay generally going to certified personal trainers with a college degree and several years of experience. Further, the client list and location of the training play a significant role in earning power.

Top 10% earn $100,000+
Average yearly income: $54,200
Best paying states: Michigan, New York

Casino Floor Manager

Most of us know that many casino jobs don’t pay a fortune. Often the lack of base pay can be made up by tips, but you don’t generally think of casino floor workers as earning 6 figure salaries. That is where you are wrong. Casino managers can easily earn more than $100,000. They carry fairly significant responsibilities, and they are charged with keeping the patrons happy. A happy patron is a patron who stays, and as a result, casino mangers count themselves among those professions that can earn very well.

Top 10% make $116,070
Average yearly income: $73,940
Total number employed: 3,230
Best paying state: Pennsylvania

Captains, Mates and Pilots of Water Vessels

Time away from family, knowledge of waterways, and an always present danger make captains, mates, and pilots of water vessels another surprising group who eclipse the $100,000 mark. With a fairly high mean annual income of over $70,000, these jobs not only pay well at the top end, but provide excellent pay at every level of experience. Of course you will need some education and some time to learn the ropes, but if you love the water and love to travel, this is a nice opportunity.

Top 10% earn $117,310
Average yearly income: $70,500
Total number employed: 29,280
Best paying state: Tennessee

Court Reporter

Court reporting has a lot to do with speed, efficiency, and experience. For those court reporters that can boast all three, a $100,000+ salary is within their grasp. With the top 10% of court reporters earning an average of almost $110,000, you could certainly do much worse in choosing a profession. The downside is, of course spending you day with lawyers, but for that kind of money, it might just be worth it.

Top 10% make $109,440
Average yearly income: $65,960
Total number employed: 40,980
Best paying state: New York

Writers and Authors

Here on HubPages there are many aspiring writers looking to break into a full-time writing career. There is great news; you can not only earn a living as a writer, but you can do quite well in that pursuit. The top 10% of writers and authors earn nearly $110,000, with an average of $65,960.

Top 10% make $106,000
Average yearly income: $65,000
Total number employed: 43,000
Best paying state: California

Call Center Analyst

When you think of call centers, you are probably not thinking of high paying jobs. However, it has everything to do with the ob you are performing. Obviously call center representatives don’t generally command a 6 figure salaries, but call center analysts do. These analysts monitor for call quality and provide crucial analytics to mangers that help things run smoothly and efficiently. Further, they often provide training to call center representatives and support the call center director(s). As a result, call center analysts are able to earn better than $100,000.

Clearly, these jobs are not necessarily what you might expect when looking for high paying work, but it just goes to show that being good at what you do creates significant value in the marketplace.

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    • T. R. Brown profile image

      T. R. Brown 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Thanks very much Skarlet. I can imagine how hard it must be to hit 200 words a minute. That is amazing to me.

    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 5 years ago from California

      Excellent Hub. I knew about the court reporting. Once you have that system down, you are in. I have tried it and its hard.

    • T. R. Brown profile image

      T. R. Brown 5 years ago from Nashville, TN


      Thanks for reading and commenting. I may try another surprising 7 list - version 2 when I get some time.

    • flashmakeit profile image

      flashmakeit 5 years ago from usa

      Thanks for posting this interesting article for job seekers who are unaware of the jobs available that may pay a good salary.