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6 Tips in Order to Live the Freelancing Dream

Updated on January 25, 2013

Being a freelancer gives one lots of freedom to play their own work days, but it does require one to be disciplined. Being one’s own boss, one will need to be good at making the right decisions to succeed in this field. Many of these tips are common sense, but they can slip out of one’s mind when they get overwhelmed.

Always remember different things work with different people. Having worked as a freelancer myself I can surely testify that every freelancer is different in the way that they work. No one freelancer will work the same exact way as another. Hopefully, these little tips will help jump start a successful career.

Make a marketing/business plan

This should be the first thing you do, even if you just write down all the information on a sheet of paper. It is better than nothing because you can always revise it as you are in the early stages of starting out. Nothing will happen overnight nor will it be perfect the first time around either. The more you get on paper the more you can look over and fix things here and there before you jump into this field and hope for the best.

Plan your days ahead

Allow yourself some time to plan out your week. Some people like to plan their week at the same, so they do not have to work a different schedule each week. Then it will allow you to plan your week, so you can meet your deadlines that may be for that week or the next. Especially, if you have ongoing projects, it will allow you to keep up and not get behind.

Use free software

When you first start out as a freelancer it can be expensive. Especially, if you need to buy software; however, there is plenty of valuable software out there on the internet that will not cost you a single penny. Most times the software that can be found on the internet for free is better than the paid versions, which is cost efficient when just starting out in this new realm.

Create an eye-catching logo

To draw in clients you will need something to brand yourself, which for most people is a logo. Create something that will be remembered by consumers and/or clients and something that will draw them in.

Once you have a logo made up make business cards, websites and other marketing tools to get your name heard. This will give you a professional look and may just be the extra push you need in drawing in clients that will be scouting out your services.

Learn to say NO!

You will soon find out what kind of load you can carry. If you already have more than enough work on your plate say not to a client, but say it in a way that won’t burn your bridges with them. Don’t take up too much work and not be able to complete it all or not bring out the quality like you do. It won’t be fair to your clients and if they are not happy with your work they can and will find another contactor that will give them exactly what they want and how they want it.

Save for rainy days

Even though your business may be thriving always and I mean always save for a rainy day. You will never know when the well may dry up or you may have an unexpected bill that is more than you are making. My advices to you is always save some each money and stick it in a separate savings account and keep it as your safety net, for when times get tough because I am sorry to say this, but times will get tough and you will need something to fall back on in order to stay afloat.


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