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6 Tips to Help Market Yourself

Updated on January 25, 2013

It truly does not matter if you have your own business, or an employee or even a job seeker, if you happen to market yourself well, you will always achieve success. Marketing is very tricky it is all about using your unique abilities and being able to communicate with others.

Know Your Strengths

Many people write down a list of their strengths, skills and selling points. This may be tricky for some people because they do not know what they are truly good at, so take a step back and look at yourself through someone else’s eyes. Better yet you can always have a good friend assess you too because they will be able to see more than what you would be able to.

Develop a succinct message

Developing a succinct message that you can share with others is vital. Think of this as your selling point; get everything out in 10-20 seconds! This will basically be your resume in audio. Yes, it can be nerve racking, but it should be done, so when people ask you about yourself you have it done perfect and there is no awkward pauses. Do not forget to practice your message either, so you look professional.


Always communicate effectively. Communication is the key to marketing. Make sure in your cover letters and resumes are clear and concise. You do not want the reader to not know exactly what you mean, you should spell everything out, so there is no miscommunication. Always remember to include your strengths in every communication you have whether it is in writing or verbal.


What you wear means a lot when marketing yourself. If you are wearing clothes that belong in the bedroom only to a very formal function then you may not get any offers, but if you dress appropriately you will not only get offers, but you will have set a good impression on others.

Make a great first impression

People tend to make a first impression of you within the first couple of minutes of talking with you. Making eye contact, having a firm handshake, and a wonderful smile is crucial when trying to make a first good impression. If you happen to lack one or more of those things you are not doing a very good job in the marketing department. Employers tend to look at first impressions a lot when they are looking to contract or hire someone because they want their company to have a good impression when customers using their services.

Preparation is the key

Whether you are going to a interview or an event you should be prepared in advanced. Plan before the day of the interview or event; have your business cards ready to hand out. Also have your outfit, hair, and make-up already in mind, while thinking of what you are going to say at the interview or event. There is nothing worse than being unprepared and not getting the job because you were not prepared at all.

If you follow these three tips you will never have a problem marketing yourself. Marketing yourself can be tricky when starting out, but in the end it is quite easy as one can see. All you need to do is prepare, dress nice, and communicate effectively.


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