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7 factors to consider before choosing career or profession

Updated on May 4, 2010

Humanity have been given the will to choose. GOD give us the will to choose anything we want in life. It is unfortunate that few of us do not choose what we want in life. Environment we live choose for others. Friend and family choose for some people. To know our true profession, we have to consider these factors.


To choose a career or profession that conceal emotion is a common mistake people make. Some people are eager to make cash, they become prey to money sacrificing their love. To choose a career or profession, you must fall in love with your with it. Doing what you love will be easier than drinking water.


Ability to cope with your career is an important factor. Before choosing a career or profession, ask yourself, can i cope with it? Am i ready? Do i have the ability? Is it willingly? Getting the answer to these question will help you to know your capacity.


Creativity is similar to capacity but there is difference between them. To choose a career or profession, you must be able to offer goods or services.. There must be an advantage people benefit from your services. You must be able to create employment for people/


Perseverance is a test faced by great achievers. To achieve great things in life, you must sacrifice something in replacement. It may be time, money or power. Before choosing a career or profession, ask yourself these; Can i withstand the pressure? Can i cope with my competitor? Am i dedicate to my profession? If you can get answer to these question, the result might be interesting


To choose a career or profession where you have a skill limit your income. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must be skillful in sales, marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, investing and backing up your plan. Don't be specialize, generalize your products or services for individual.


To choose a career or profession that will not give you financial freedom is a deadly mistake. You either own the work or the work own you. Before choosing a career, ask question from career counselor. Then ask yourself: Is it going to satisfy my needs? Is it going to satisfy my family needs? Will it give me future security? I wish i can give you answer but individually we have to seek our answer


People often say health is wealth. Is it true? You can answer that according to your experience. Health is important in any aspect of life. The truth is without health, wealth is useless. To choose a career or profession that will endanger your life is a silly mistake. Be wise before choosing any career. Look for career that will give you good health


Great men are extra ordinary man with extra ordinary determination

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    • profile image

      prof enoch 3 years ago

      today is my career dy i am very happy that my class won today

    • profile image

      jamal 4 years ago

      thank least u have giving me hope and encouragement.