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6 habits to win in office politics

Updated on September 18, 2012

Office politics is often seen in a negative manner. Most people tend to bash it from the world go. However, if you look at it closely, everybody indulges in office politics. It is just the bad guys out there who give it a bad name. Office politics isn’t bad. It is just a way of moving forward in your career.

In saying so, it does not imply that you backstab people or harm their reputation. That’s the job of bad office politicians, and very often, they don’t reach anywhere in life. On the contrary, if you play the game of office politics well, you could see your career soar while keeping your personal and professional relationships intact. Here are some unspoken rules to play the game and succeed in it:

Get people to know you

If you thinking of moving up the career ladder, it is important that people know you in office. It is not just the higher executives that are important. People at the lower level are equally important. When people know you, they are more likely to speak good of you, which wins you battles in office politics. In order to be known in office, it is important to interact with people. So shed your inhibitions and go interact with people in office.

Never take sides

Often, you will come across situations in office where you of your colleagues are at loggerheads. They will bitch about each other in front of you, and instigate you to take sides. Don’t fall in that trap. View the situation objectively and try to resolve it if you can.

Don’t take it personally

Things happen in office. You might get embarrassed because of the wrongdoing of a colleague. Never take things too personally in office. You are an asset to your organization as long as you can work in a team. The moment you stop being a team player, you stop being an asset. Stop taking things personally. It will cause problems at a later stage when you need assistance from others.

Listen to people

Before you put your point forward, listen to people. Try to understand where they are coming from. Often, when you lend a patient ear to people, they will open up to you. It becomes easier that way to resolve problems and open lines of communication.

Let everyone win

In sports, one team loses while the other wins. However, in business, everybody can win if you are willing enough. Instead of seeing your colleagues as competitors, see them as accomplices. Work out situations for everybody’s benefit. It is always possible.

Help others

It doesn’t hurt to help others every once in a while. Try to be in the good books of most of people in your office. Build a reputation for yourself as a nice guy with a no-nonsense approach. That ways, you will be less embroiled in conflicting situations.


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    • hifizah profile image

      hifizah 5 years ago

      Very good hub sarkarinaukri. Office politics is part of your work and it's a good thing. If I could add one more, I'd say be a good team player. Play your role as expected by the other team members.