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7 Article Marketing Secrets You Can Use Now

Updated on October 9, 2012

Article Marketing Is More Alive Than Ever

I read articles on the internet saying that article marketing is dead. Far from it. With Google Panda, Google, the most important source of traffic, put all low quality articles and pages away to make room to the true professionals who can write exceptional articles for readers.

Article marketing is the science of writing high quality articles to see a product or a service. Article marketing has been used since the beginning of writing and will be around forever.

Article Marketing Will Be More Powerful With Time

Article marketing has eternal power, which means that if you write one article today, it will generate money forever, as long as it is published, especially if the article is a never ending topic, such as science.

Evergreen topics which will continue to have searches every day, will continue to make you money as long as the internet exists, because as long as people search for it, the articles will be read.

7 Article Marketing Tips For The NOW

1. Write more articles every day. People and search engines are always looking for fresh information and not information published ten years ago. Even though article marketing has power to make money forever, the fresher the article is, the more money it will make. Write about 5 articles per day at least to your blog or article directory or Hubpages and people will come from Google, then go to your article and then to your website to buy the product or service you sell.

2. Write longer articles. Search engines place a lot of importance in the amount of keywords an article has. The same article will rank higher if it is longer as search engines look at it like an article with more information and usefulness than an article only half that size.

3. Share all your articles on Facebook, Google Plus and Stumble Upon. These are the three best social networks to get traffic from. You cannot directly influence the amount of traffic you get from search engines but you are in full control of how many readers you get from social networks. On Facebook you should have 4000 friends interested in reading what you have to say. You should also post to about 10 groups to reach even more people and if possible make friends with the people you see there to reach more people in the future. On Google Plus you should also make friends with everyone related to your business or blog. Search for people and add them. Google Plus is rising fast and if it continues that way it will catch up with Facebook in just 3 years. On Stumble Upon make lots of friends and join several groups ad to do not forget to Stumble everyday day to get more voting power.

4. Links are the most important factor determining the amount of traffic you will get from Google. Focus on increasing the amount of links you get from forums, blogs, social networks, sites, Blogger, Wordpress, anywhere you can insert your link do it.

5. Make your article more beautiful with bold and italic words. Hubpages loves articles edited that way.

6. Dominate article marketing by writing just about the most profitable topic. Very few people care and search about history, but a lot of people search about car insurance, life insurance, credit, etc. Financial topics are the most profitable topics of all. If you can focus on writing about money, you will make the most money.

7. Make links from your articles to other articles you have, so if one reader does not want to click your advertisements or to follow your author link, at least he can follow to another article where he may find something he likes and clicks.

How many articles do you write per day?

How many articles do you write per day?

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