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7 Best Online Jobs

Updated on June 5, 2014

Online Jobs are a great career options for house wives, who are left with ample of time after completing the household chores and which can be put to some constructive use. Online Jobs allow you to work from the comfort of your home and by telecommuting, with the help of a computer, a high speed internet connection, a phone and your skills. Online jobs do have certain advantages like flexible work hours, lucrative pay off and independence to choose your clients. So lets take a look at the 7 best online jobs which you can pursue from your home, that fits your lifestlye and elevates it too as an end result.

1. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant does the same work as that of a personal Assistant, the only difference here is that the work is done remotely. Administrative tasks, Book keeping, Scheduling and Event Planning are some of the task which you will be undertaking as a Virtual Assistant. Employers generally are on a look out for candidates with prior experience along with efficient administrative and time-management skills.

2. Customer Care Executive

Customer Care Executive is involved with solving a customer's query or selling a product. This job can also be pursued from home, as the calls will be routed to your number by your client. A script is provided by the client which will help you with the questions that a customer might ask. A working phone number, an internet connection and exemplary communication and convincing skills are the requisites to get hired for this job.

3. Document Translator

Knowing a second language has always been benificiary and if you posses the ability to read, write or speak any foreign language then this is the perfect job for you. The more obscure the language is, the higher is the demand. This is the best way to make money for those who are proficient with languages like Chinese, French or Spanish.

4. Content Writers

Companies don't hire full time content writers to create content for their websites. Content writers are hired on a project basis, once you complete a project you may move forward with a new one. With new websites springing up everyday, writers are in huge demand. If you have a knack for writing, ability to put your thoughts into words, and meeting deadline reliably then this is the best choice for you to showcase your skill along with the monetary benefits.

5. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is another great option for those who are good at writing. This Online Job opportunity will require you to write guests posts on your client's website, which includes a feedback on the service that the website offers or a product that they sell. The pay scale depends on the number of words that you write. This offers a flexibility to work with a number of clients to snowball your paycheck.

6. Affiliate Blogger

If you own a blog that attracts many readers, companies will pay you to run their advertisements that link to their websites. The payout will depend on the number of hits that the ad gets from your blog. Affiliate blogging will also get you audience that has a connection with the affiliate.

7. Data-Entry Operator

Companies now outsource the task of writing documents, making reports or updating records. The only skill required here is the understanding of Data- Entry Applications, accurate and efficient typing.

All these mentioned above offer high earning potential allowing you to work from the comfort of your home. These jobs exist over the internet along with plentiful of scams. The best practise to find an Online Job is to search for such jobs over reliable and trusted job portals. Online jobs not only carry monetary benefits but also serves as an opportunity to hone your skills or learn a new skill which can enable you to pursue a varied variety of jobs, to snowball your paycheck and also to eliminate repetition or monotony that one might come across by doing a same task everyday. Lastly in order to select the job that suits you, keep in mind your prior experiences, your strengths and personality, the set of skills you posses and the ones you are expert at will help you to select the best fit.


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    • Shivali Sharma profile image

      the vibe 

      4 years ago from Delhi, India

      Found the content useful and these jobs are always in and pay well too.


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