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7 Days to a Remarkable You! DAY I

Updated on December 1, 2009
Download the ebook from
Download the ebook from

7 Days to a Remarkable You! DAY I


All I am asking is 7 days.

That is it.

7 Days.

What is remarkable?

Remarkable is anything that entices a remark.

There that was simple.

Remarkable is that which cannot be ignored, that which cannot be termed mediocre, that which engages.

Why should you want to be remarkable?

Coz, anything less is unremarkable.

Everything else does not stick.

You and what you do is so common, its passe, its forgotten.

This Book will tell you what to do, for the next 7 Days, in a step-by-step approach to become remarkable.

Before we begin with individual tasks and daily asks of you, here are some guidelines.

I call them guidelines but to have the maximum impact, you must treat them like rules.

1. Keep a diary. This could be in the age-old hand written tradition (space provided in the book) or an e-version. Either or, have one.

2. Jot your thoughts as you read each remarkable-creating activity but do not begin the activity until you have been asked to do so.

3. There is no right way to do this, until you try.

4 You can write to me Prabhjot Bedi | or call me +91 98720 00604 any time if you want to discuss more about any of the steps mentioned.

Happy Successing!

Day 1

Create a Mission Statement

A personal mission statement is a written affirmation of what you want to be or aspire to be.
It is a personal guiding light for you to ensure you are always on your right path.

A personal mission statement is powerful. It not only helps you decide what to do, it ensures you do not do things that do not fit in with who you are or wanting to be. A personal mission statement motivates, challenges and helps you look at the bigger picture.

Step 1 | Your funeral

You are dead.

Congratulations! No seriously, congratulations on having lived your life to the fullest. You did everything you ever wanted to do, achieved every goal, fulfilled every promise, and now you are dead.

Imagine the following people sitting together and talking about you, a year after your death. Imagine they are all honest!

- Your Family

- Your Friends

- Your Colleagues

- Your Community

What do you wish them to say about you?

That is the question you will answer.

Write down the exact words you want these people to say about you.

Step 2 | Find your values

From the statements above you will find some values that you must live your life with if you are to ensure that people talk like that about you.

Values like honest, Hard-working, Industrious, Creative, Problem-Solver, Decision-maker, Friendly, Outgoing, Positive, Family-oriented, Compassionate, Spiritual, Passionate.

Write down your values..

Step 3 | Find your contributions & successes

List down your contributions in the past. Look for successes.

What is the common theme?

What did you enjoy doing?

What were you good at?

What gave the most thrill, happiness, peace?

Write down Contributions & Successes..

Step 4 | Creating the mission statement

The mission statement could simply be divided into three parts: What you want to do + For Who + How

Personal Mission Statement Example:

"My mission is to champion others to grow personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually by using my compassion, my unique perspective, and my belief in others' inherent goodness, integrity, and enormous potential."

"My mission is to be a loving son who ensures his parents are happy and contended by listening to them, spending quality time with them and looking after their material needs"

"My mission is to help anybody who is homeless by giving them love, compassion and a place to sleep. I will use my social network to create awareness and enroll others in this mission"

"My mission is to earn loads of money. I will work hard, use my creativity and imagination to create multiple streams of income"

Write down your personal mission statement

(Useful Tip | You can create a mission statement for each role in your life.

e.g. mission statement as a parent, as a child, as a sibling, as a boss, as part of a community etc)

------------------------------------------------------ DAY II is another HUB
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    • prabhjotbedi profile image

      Prabhjot Bedi 6 years ago from chandigarh

      @nicky thank you!

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      Nicky Smart 6 years ago from United Kingdom


      well written and great information...