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7 Days to a Remarkable You! DAY III

Updated on December 1, 2009
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Day 3

1. Read your mission statement

As mentioned yesterday, start everyday by reading your mission statement.
Remember, it is like the captain of the ship who sets the course of the ship before starting any journey.

2. Define the value you add, then become the absolute best in it

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

Albert Einstein

You are unique.  You are special.
You are valuable.

Now, define why you are all those things.  What value do you add?  to your work, your home, your friends, your community, to this planet?

Are you someone who can help with ideas? with execution? with money? with resources? with contacts?
What can you do?  What creates that excitement in you?

the second step in this is as important as the first.

Once you find something you are naturally good at & then become the absolute best in it.

Be synonymous with something.

What are you good at?
What value can you add?


3. Delight Everyone

Happy is not delight.
Good enough is not delight.
whatever is not delight.
Starting today you will do something so special everyday it delights someone.

You will simply delight everyone around you.

oh if you are wondering how to measure delight, it is when you see a face light up!!

want an example?

'He was an extra-ordinary cab driver.  he always had a ready smile, always had water and always, always had change.  he never made a face of you asked gave him large denomination notes.  He smiled and always gave the exact change in crisp notes and clean coins'

that made you smile? Delight everyone!

Some Ideas to delight:

1. Do more than expected

2. Do the unexpected

3. Heap praises

how to praise:

Step 1- Catch someone doing something right

Step 2- Praise the act

Step 3 - Tell them why you are praising them

Step 4 - Do it in front of everyone else!

4. Admonish / correct in private

5. Look for the good, then make it great!

you will write 5 instances when you delighted others!


------------------------------------------------------ DAY IV is another HUB


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