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7 Internet business models for your home based job.

Updated on September 10, 2011

Work from home on the internet

In many ways internet can fulfil the need of a job for anyone who needs to work from home. Working at home mums, students, someone who needs a second income or simply people who want to work independently for themselves, all of them can find all the necessary tools to work from home and set up a successful business throughout the net.

In this article I would like to explore 7 internet business models and make money while working from the comfort of your home chair. It must be clear that we are talking about business models therefore you need to work hard at it and spending time while considering to make some investments, because none of those models are quick easy money schemes. In other words do not think that working on line is easy and a quick short cut to become rich. For the vast majority of people that already have a on line business, this provide a good source of extra income and for the most successful ones who work exclusively on line, this has been a result of lot of efforts, dedication and business strategy.

The base of an internet business: developing a niche

Before talking about these internet models it is necessary to clarify the basis of any internet business: find a niche. In other words research, develop and find solution for a need, in terms of services, goods or digital products which a group of people are actively searching on the net whose the offer is not yet saturated by the competition . Maybe you have already in mind something that you want to work around or a product you want to sell. Getting a niche now a days, is increasingly difficult giving billions of websites that are circulating on the internet already so it is very unlikely that you havea unique idea that no one else has developed yet.You will probably need to study whether or not your product or niche is in demand and how many people are likely to be attracted or in need of information relating to that niche. You need to study your competitors too for establishing whether or not that niche is saturated, if there is a consistent demand or how other people have dealt with the topic. Try to narrow your search as much as possible to sub-categories. Designer shoes can be better defined by the category: Italian designer shoes, . or authentic leather shoes, for instance.. Researching your niche carefully involves doing a keywords research to establish how many people are looking for that kind of product, service or topic you want to write or provide and in which terms they are searching for this. Also check for every sentence you find interesting, how many people will search on Google page. While till few years ago Google Keyword was probably the best tool to use for assessing whether or not it is worth to develop the product, today you can evaluate your potential niche also by Twitter and Facebook. Check my article on how to search for product on Twitter and Facebook. For instance, if you think that your niche is a good one you can start by creating a simple Facebook page and build up a community around it. If the idea takes off you can than work on it by setting up a proper website.

The seven business models

Once you have picked up the product or the niche you want to develop here what you can do.

The seven models of business :

Affiliate marketing:

Most probably one of the simplest and fastest way to make money from internet, affiliate marketing is an excellent start for people who don’t want to or can’t create their own products or services. Affiliate marketing consists of promoting someone else product or service to get a percentage of the product that have been sold being the buyer coming directly from promoter's site. All you need to do is picking up a product and building a website or blog around it, fill the website with fresh and interesting content, promoting with the right keywords and positioning the website with the right page ranking so it is easily visible.How would I found those products or services to promote? Through Clickbank and Commission Junction or simply look at commercial website that have an affiliate scheme. Very often the submission is very easily to do and all you need to do is linking their website to yours. Payment are usually made by Paypal . Affiliate marketing offers many advantages: you don’t have to worry about selling the product, all you need to do is promoting the product and re-direct the potential buyer to the seller’s website.Being an affiliate you don’t have to worry about having a physical product to ship so there are not stocking or additional costs in buying goods there is no customer service to provide.

A word of cautious for wannabe affiliates: always test the product you want to promote before hand.The best way to assess if the product is worth a promotion is using it yourself. There are tons of affiliate programs out there screaming to be promoted but many are not good quality services or products and don’t sell very well. Also, you need to target your audience: in other words do not email anyone anything, target your market well, choosing the right users,people that are really motivated in using the product you want to promote.

E Commerce;

E commerce businesses are online selling products through a catalogue. In order to sell, it is required good quality pictures and a detailed description of the products. Particularly important are keywords and good SEO and PR understanding.You need to attract already potential buyers that are keen on purchasing a particular product or service and therefore it is paramount to know which phrases and sentences they are using, and display the website with and high ranking position for them to find you.

You also need to provide a good cart services, merchant paypal account and a basic customer services.

Creating and selling information products.

If you are an expert in a particular subject one of the best online business consists of creating and promoting your own products in form of ebooks. The information products creating by selling ebook is one of best online income ever. Particularly today with tablets and Ipad from Amazon now selling information products has become one of the most lucrative form on business with tons of money to profit from. Making your own products in form of an e-book it is easy and does not require packaging or shipping and your customers can immediately use the product which just required to be downloaded. Most people feel that they can't write an ebook even if they are experts in their chosen sector. This obstacle can be overcome by hiring a ghost writer throughout freelance websites like or There are then many software available to write an ebook like

Create a Private label right content service business:

The increase of websites and blogs will require more people to write content. If you enjoy writing consider to set up a PLR content service business. As already said many website owners are not always prepared to write all their content themselves. A blog requires to be updated and maintained with fresh articles and relevant information and therefore needs a consistent work. If you enjoy writing this can be potentially a big market. This kind of service should be niche focused. For instance there are thousands of people that require help in getting their job done. Typical home websites run by moms are those about recipes, childcare, pregnancy, working mums, time management, school relative issues ect. Establish what kind of topics and niche you want to cover and get known by participating to forums and online discussion, contact website owners and write articles yourself, in websites like hubpages and enzine articles. Put up a simple website where you lists your services and fees and develop articles about topics you care linked with whoever is relevant in your respective niche. and are excellent websites where you can offer your services by participating to projects and getting clients.

Resale rights:

Resale rights is similar to the affiliate marketing model. You acquire the right to resale an ebook and all you need to do is setting up a website around it which is usually nothing more than a sale letter and off you go!I Forgot to tell you that a good resale product will already provide you with a complete package which include a sale letter, the order button and the instructions. With re-sell right you can keep 100% of the profit made by selling the ebook. Usually it is a software or an ebook and with the licence comes different rights like selling the product through your website on ebay or give it free. You need to check carefully the licence to know what you can do with it. Generally you don’t have the right to sell the licence unless otherwise stated. Reselling an ebook can also be used to promote your own product or to have an ebook to give it for free and encourage your readers to buy other products from you. You can also set up a website to sell ebooks for a particular niche.

If you are using the eboook as a primary source of income rather than something to complete a website or a using it as a give away product, try to promote evergreen products rather than those who are at risk to become obsolete as soon as they are released. For instance an ebook about traditional Italian recipes is probably going to remain a classic.

E-bay or Auction selling

E-bay can be used as an excellent website to sell stuff that are hanging out in your house or to buy cheap products and looking at bargains. However through ebay you can also set up virtual shops and treat it as a real business. It requires a very good knowledge of the products you intend to sell and the market. Description and photos are also to be carefully well written and objects displayed clearly. It is important to give as many details as possible of the object that it is intended to be sold. You also need to understand and know pretty well your potential buyer: who would normally purchase the products what he/she is looking for/ what they need and require. Therefore do you own research of the market and competitors; who is already selling? What price? Any niche within the category you can perhaps exploit better than any other? Is the niche already saturated? Do your research before getting into it.

To sell on you need an ebay account as a seller that usually means having a paypal account to sell and buy. Also you need to consider E-bay fees and postal charges in valuating if it is a good business for you. If you are making the products yourself like candles or other goods ebay can be an excellent way to acquire new products. Be aware of the basic terminology and terms on which you can sell. Feedback from your buyers is important because it will be displayed and it stays in your record. Therefore it is very important to sell good quality products at the right price, prompt delivery and great customer service are essential for getting a 100% of positive feedback.

Virtual office:

A virtual office assistant is someone who performs some office tasks for people who are far too busy to be able to looking after these tasks themselves. Many business owners and people working from home need some support as they often can’t do everything on their own. It is an ideal occupation for students, stay at home mums and people that want to have an extra income and have some time to spare during the day. Typical virtual jobs are:

Freelance copywriting and editing jobs or article writing.

Freelance design, web design and development projects

Medical and legal transcription jobs

Internet research and email support work

Data entry and administration jobs

Programming and technical projects

Graphic design and illustration jobs.

Be consistent and well organised with good time management skills. Your job will require you to prioritise and manage different tasks and projects as you will get more and more clients. Many virtual assistants would also advertise their jobs by setting up their own website with a lists of projects experiences featuring their skills and kind of jobs they are specialised in.


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    • laral profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from England

      Thank you Daniel

    • Daniel Deepak profile image

      Maria Daniel Deepak 

      7 years ago from India

      Very useful hub!

    • laral profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from England

      thank you cowtwongirl77. Me too and I love it but I am still learning.

    • cowtowngirl77 profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for this good information. I am currently working from home and love it. I would like to start a business now.

    • laral profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from England

      Thank you. It is a huge topic and quite difficult one. I am going to write other articles about it because potentially there is a lot to say.

    • poshcoffeeco profile image

      Steve Mitchell 

      7 years ago from Cambridgeshire

      You discuss some very interesting subjects here and word it in a very easy to follow order. Vote up


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