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7 Keys To Success :: What You Need to Succeed

Updated on September 13, 2012

The Keys To Success

There 7 basic keys to success. In other articles I spoke of tenacity and veracity among other keys that are necessary to succeed in writing or on line ventures. These are personal keys that should be on your key ring at all times. With these keys you can unlock any door. You may want to be an artist, but not just any artist, a successful artist who makes enough money to live from your art. Perhaps you want to be an actor, but not just a starving actor working as a waiter to make ends meet; you want to be famous and rich beyond your wildest dreams.

You may be like me, just wanting to succeed at everything you put your hand to. I have a set of keys for you that will unlock every door. You were born with the keys but unfortunately you have been robbed and now you are about to have your destiny restored. Every man woman and child on the earth was born with the keys to success in their hand. Life, filled with mockery and cruelty has snatched the keys from you; made most of you forget that you ever had the keys in the first place.

Haven't you ever wondered why some people succeed and others don't? Did you think it was your fault that you failed or did you just think the other guys got lucky? Maybe you are one of those who believe you have to be in the right place at the right time. Perhaps you don't think there's anything worth striving for because all of the good spots are already taken.

I can't tell you how to think, when or why the keys to success were stolen from you, and I certainly cannot tell you what your "calling" is; I can only tell you that you have at least one true calling. Some people have many true callings, but we'll get to that later.

Finding your Lost set of Keys

The first step to locating anything is knowing that you lost it. I am not going out on a limb when I say you were born with the keys. I have had three children and all of them are so different it's hard at times to believe that they are siblings at all. There are other times when they are all clearly my children, you can tell they were all raised by the same mother. All of them were born with the same things you were born with. The first keys on your key chain, inalienable in every creature on earth:

Survival Instinct: You know you were born with the instinct to survive. It is this that I say is most important because it is your survival instinct that makes you keep trying, even when the cards are stacked against you. In life we must rely on our survival instinct in times of extreme stress. When you are faced with a problem that you can't seem to find a solution for you keep trying to find that solution. You don't just give up and say "It's too hard." If you want to succeed at anything you must never decide something is just too hard, or takes too much work. There is always a way, so keep looking until you have found it.

Communication Skills: You were born with the ability to communicate your needs. Whether you were kicking and screaming or whimpering and grunting, every baby knows they must communicate or their needs will not be filled. You may have trouble communicating your needs now. Perhaps you don't want to appear "needy" to others. Well let me tell you that successful people never have any problem telling others that they need help. Humans love to help each other, it's a fact of life. No one ever got elected to public office by pretending they didn't need votes or campaign contributions. Successful people have needed help to get to where they are. You must communicate your needs to anyone and everyone who will listen. Communicate those needs effectively enough and you are on your way.

The Rest of Your Keys

I hope you're still with me. Maybe you think you don't need me now if all I'm going to talk about is what babies do. That's okay, you can go if you like. The rest of the keys may be hidden from you forever if you do. The reason I use analogies for you is so that when the time comes you will remember that you have always had the keys. You won't be fumbling around thinking they've been lost again or stolen from you; you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have those keys and you will be able to use them.

The next few keys are things you acquired within minutes if not hours of your birth. Taken from one environment to another forced your body to acquire new skills and this is where you got your next set of keys.

Identification Skills: In your new world you're senses underwent a violent assault. Bright lights, loud sounds, harsh smells, and physical contact made your brain activate a relatively unused skill set. You had to begin to identify whether these things were a threat, a comfort, or food. Now as an adult you sometimes think you have lost the ability to make the right choices. Many times you have thought you identified a source that would fill you current needs only to find out that you can't even trust your own choices. You must hone your identification skills anew. Communication plays it's part as you develop and then ask the right questions but in the end you must decide for yourself. Does it FEEL right? If it doesn't feel right then you need to take a second look, ask more questions, check it out more thoroughly. If it looks like a bear, sounds like a bear and smells like a bear then it's likely a bear. Don't let yourself be trapped. Remember, if it looks like a trap, and feels like a trap, it probably is a trap. You need to keep your options open. Many "almost" successful people have signed contracts that kept them from becoming successful.

Adaptability: As an infant your body began to adapt to temperature changes without any help on your part. As you grew your body adapted too, keeping you from hurting yourself when you fell; peripheral vision helped you avoid bumping into obstacles. You must learn to adapt. If you were an artist and the job required blue paint, you wouldn't be defiant and use red instead. You would know that there are many shades of blue and adapt your vision to allow you to sell your painting rather than buck the authority that hired you. I have seen writers leave writing sites because they didn't want to compromise their work by obeying the terms of service. You know what? There are others waiting and willing to take your place, so you must be willing to adapt.

Growth Skills: You must grow in whatever you do. This is different that adapting or conforming. Growth is just as natural and still a skill that many people forget that they have. You may feel stuck at times, like you can't get any further in life than you already are. If you feel that way then something has kept you from growing. Someone has stunted your growth; you have allowed yourself to be pruned back too far. It's time to take a deep breath and try a different direction. This doesn't mean you change your chosen path, just that you look at other mediums. An artist might try using oils instead of water colors, charcoal instead of graphite pencils, or pastels instead of chalk. A writer might try working on a thriller instead of a mystery, fact instead of fiction. I grew so much when I started writing articles instead of novellas. Look around, whatever your chosen field there are many areas where you can specialize and ways you can expand your field of study.

The Last Two Keys and How to use your Keys Together

The last two keys are about you and filling some very human needs in order to achieve success. You may have heard that no man is an island, and yet been told that you make your own bed. Quite contradictory I think. It's true though, we are all responsible for our own choices and actions, but we also need others to help us make those choices and decide which actions to take.

Socialization Skills: Babies learn to socialize very early on. They study the faces and sounds coming from others and they try to mimic those sounds and expressions. It's important to be a part of a community and babies know how desperately they need that community to like them. As we grow we need to fit in somewhere. We need to be a part of a larger community. It takes a village to raise a child and you are no different than that child. You must find a group of like minded people to help you on your journey towards success. It can be a single mentor or it may be a group of artists, writers, accountants. Whatever it is you must become part of a group. Unions know this, organizations know it, and you must know it. There has never been a teacher without a school, a lawyer all on his own without a team, and baseball would look stupid if there was only one player. Find a group, a community, and use the members to network as well as bounce ideas off of.

Isolation Skills: Every baby needs some down time. An infant lets their parents know when it wants to be alone. Humans must be able to be alone to brainstorm, relax, breathe and decompress. Yes, it is vitally important to have a team, a group, or a mentor. It is also vitally important to be able to accomplish some things on your own. Inventors use their group to help them come up with the final prototype, but they generally come up with the idea while alone. Some have an idea that gets honed in a group, and then they go off and start building their invention alone. You need to allow yourself to get completely away and close the door.

Use your keys together, take identification and adaptability along with isolation or socialization, for instance. Identify a need, brainstorm alone about ways to fill the need, come back to your group and discuss ideas. Isolate yourself and adapt your original idea to incorporate the suggestions of your group.


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