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7 Reasons Freelancers Need a Strong Resume

Updated on October 26, 2018
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A strong resume is that which is persuasive enough to sell you well. Your resume could be the reason you haven't got that gig.

The fact that that a resume is an important tool when it comes to getting to the door of an interview room or getting hold of a targeted opportunity is a common knowledge. A resume provides a would-be client with an outline of your education and experience. It can also become your first impression on a potential position.

However, as a full-time freelancer, should you bother yourself with a strong resume? Or about resume writing tips? A lot of freelancers believe that getting a resume is a thing of the past but in today’s market, a lot of would-be clients still prefer the traditional resume to websites, blogs and portfolios.

Here are 7 reasons freelancers need a strong resume.

1. There Are Situations That May Call For It

There are some possible situations when you will need a strong resume as a freelancer. This include when you are bidding for a project with a large organisation or company, applying as an exhibitor or presenter at a conference, applying for a specific certificate of an industry, applying to be a member of a professional organisation or going back to someone else to work for them.

2. To Get a New Opportunity

A strong freelancer resume that is shared among a network of trusted colleagues, friends or posted online could open many doors of opportunities that are recognized or may have never be considered or thought of. It could be very exciting to suddenly get presented with an opportunity.

3.It Helps To Attract More Clients

Whatever your plan is, which could include growth or having the clients that may have been lost through attrition replaced, you will always need new customers. From what we have learnt from today’s economic times, tomorrow is mercurial. This is because winners are always in motion and a strong freelance resume as a freelancer will help you to be visible, attractive and dynamic in your area of expertise.

4. Great Way To Market Your Services

Having a strong resume is the best way to market your services to your would-be clients. It gives you the opportunity to convey your experience and explain complex information to potential employers without making use of long speeches.

5. Working With Minimal Supervision

Freelancing job requires you to work with little or no supervision. With a strong resume that includes your skills and achievements, you will be showing would-be clients that you have what it takes to work on your own.

6. Freelance Is a Serious Business

A lot of recruiters and hiring managers see freelance work just the same way they view other job. Having a strong resume shows that you also take your job seriously. As a freelancer, you would have gained experiences that are worth putting into a resume. With these experiences, a strong resume shows that you are a professional at what you do and you have the competences to get things done.

7. A Strong Resume Shows That Your Are Reliable

As a freelance, you are technically your own boss. Having a strong resume that reveals your experiences with your skills and the projects you have successfully completed shows that you are good with understanding requirements of different companies and capable of implementing their needs. This shows clients that you are reliable, which can help you to get picked for a project.

The Take Away

A strong resume is a great way by which you can confirm your self-worth and explain your expertise to would-be clients. Make your resume short, sweet and straight to the point as you convey your skills, experience and any value that can be added to your client’s projects.

This will help you stand out from the crowd when competing with other freelancers for a particular project. The following are what should go into a freelancer’s resume;

  • Your personal profile

  • Your list of skills

  • A list of projects completed and our achievements

  • Relevant experience gained

  • Your contact details

Ruthlessly edit all your information and optimize it to deliver your best possible value in order to increase your chances of getting selected for project work. It is important to update your resume as you progress as a freelancer. If you're struggling to land your dream freelance job, your resume could be the key reason. Ensure your resume is selling you well.

© 2018 Kevin Ashwe


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    • profile image


      10 months ago

      Freelancers do need the resume as it opens the new doors

    • profile image


      11 months ago

      This is exactly what I was looking for! Some people think that resume is irrelevant when you are a freelancer. I strongly disagree. As much as your connections and portfolio, it can add a few points to your image and help potential clients make the final decision. My advice to all fellow freelancers: use every opportunity to sell yourself!

    • profile image

      Max Font 

      11 months ago

      Resume really opens the new opportunities for the freelancers. Thus, they can showcase their skills as well as grab the attention of potential clients. Demonstrating the proven experience and providing references in your resume is a great way to back up your professionalism.

      Thanks for your points. They are really worth reading!

    • Nat Sun profile image

      Nat Sun 

      11 months ago

      Nowadays freelance job is very popular and many companies corporate with freelances. Even if you work for yourself you have to grab the client's attention, pitch your skills, and prove that you're the best person for the job, you also have to make sure that the breadth of your experience makes you look skilled. All this information you can show in your resume as this is your important document that should be polished and professionally created.


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