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Updated on May 5, 2016

Vision (Vision) is what? Defining a brief and simple way, the vision helps business owners answer the question: Our company will become like in the future? The vision of the enterprise must balance between two factors: first it must be very ambitious, but otherwise it's back to reality. In fact, your business will be difficult to pass the vision that you outlined.
When starting to plan for business strategy, building a vision for business is the first step required. The process is no less important than the operational strategy (Strategy). Without a consistent vision for your business, it will be difficult to maintain the continuous improvement plan and hold (or reach) the location of the world-class enterprise.

The most important factor in making the vision is to work towards greatness. A vision for the organization oriented towards mediocrity, it is difficult to elicit enthusiasm from the members of the organization. The vision of an ambitious business need, but in the realm of possibility can be achieved. A company will not be able to go beyond the vision that you create in this process.


When you begin the process of developing a vision for the company, you need to localize the scope or focus points. You are building a vision for business or just for a specific functional department such as Sales or Marketing department? This vision for the entire business globally or only for a specific branch? You focus on a specific field such as staff development or, more broadly, the production capacity of the enterprise?


The timeframe for the enterprise vision usually from two to five years. This helps enterprises have time to solve the current problems but kept towards the vision outlined. This timeframe may vary depending on the needs of the enterprise, but should ensure the development of a clear timetable. This will help businesses make a plausible option when vision into action.


When building a vision for business, to pause and review the successes of the past is essential. By focusing on the successes of the past, staff would retain optimism and avoid negative thoughts about vision. This will help significantly increase the company's ability to achieve real accomplishments in the process of reaching vision.


It seems that most people see this as the easiest part, but it still needs special attention. When drafts, outlines the direction for the future is particularly necessary. In other words, let's imagine myself in a certain time in the future (5 years for example) and describe what you see realistic scenario in which, instead of writing about something you vain hope that will happen.

Plus, to be honest with yourself and faithful to the vision set out, other people do not write these things would like to see. Finally, make sure your aim is towards greatness. A mediocre vision not only disappointing but also can kill and motivation of enterprises which had formed after the continuous improvement activities.


Consider carefully to choose the appropriate individuals to express an opinion to help your vision. You need to select people with extensive experience and knowledge of the issue. Do not set a limit that let them be free to make their views and discussions are taking place openly. And try to understand thoroughly about their views.

Besides, you should also consult about the connection between developing your vision with the "graft" is within your business. Does it contradict or are supporting each other?


After receiving the feedback from others, then you should go back the new review initial sketches and edit if necessary. The most important is to ask ourselves the question: Does this vision was enough to inspire or not? If not, you definitely need to edit it. A vision is not likely to inspire the staff will make discouraged. It will extinguish competition and motivation to succeed.


After the vision has been scrutinized, now is the time it should be widely publicized and clearly communicated within the company and even well beyond those of other professional departments working together on the basis of the information given internal parts. It should also be placed in the reference to the vision of both companies to ensure uniformity.

Once the vision has been carefully edited and communicated within the enterprise, the management team can begin to develop a strategy how to achieve that vision, and began work. That vision should assess periodically to ensure that it remains timely co-generation, and specific actions have been carried out on a regular basis, do not neglect to look forward to the vision came.


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