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7 Simple Ways to Earn Money through Internet

Updated on March 26, 2014


In the 21st century, Internet has become a part and parcel of our life and it is hardly any person who does not have the facility. As the net is a reassure trove of resources, Internet is also another good medium to earn extra money, as a full-time or as a freelance.

However, here are some different professions discussed in brief indicating the ways to earn online:



One always has the liberty to open a blogging account and start sharing their interest to the masses. With a blogging site in place, one can avail Google Ads option. This option will showcase some product advertisement based upon the nature of the blog. When user enters a site and clicks on any advertisement, the ad will generate some revenue for the blogger as an affiliate marketing agent.


Sell custom t-shirts

If passionate towards fashion, there is always the option to sell designer t-shirts online. The selling can be done through a website like or where seller has to create their own account to showcase products and sell them online to earn.


Sell hand-made goods

A person skilled in embroidery or other hand-made products can make money selling products. These portals act as a platform for a seller, and also provide measures to build and maintain an online shop.



The evolving of freelance marketplace have somewhat changed the idea of business, to an extent. Now a qualified individual can find projects in various fields such as software development to book keeping from freelancing sites. These sites offer a provider to register and bid for projects according the area of expertise. Once confirmed and the work completed, the provider will be paid via preferable payment gateway. Keeping good track record in a freelancing site is invariably a healthy asset in the long run.

Online Tutoring

For an individual having an avid interest to share knowledge with others, they can opt for tutoring. There are numerous website that offers online tutoring service. They look for skilled trainer most of the time and the earning is good enough as a part time.


Customer Service

This is another area from where one can earn by working as a part-time support personnel. The support services are rendered either via phone, email or chat system. Though the payment is minimal but it is a steady source of income, if done properly.


Content Writing

Content is a key to Internet and thus with the growing demand of online blog, product updates, news etc. content has always played an integral role. This increase in demand also led to a steady outsourcing of various content based projects. Many students, professionals do write content as a freelance service to make some extra income. The only criterion for this entry - the candidate has to possess a good writing skill to gain prominence in the marketplace, and that yields better prospect in the long run.


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