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7 Steps to Follow when Planning to Exhibit at International Trade Shows

Updated on June 20, 2013

If you have reached this page, you are definitely looking for ideas for putting up a successful exhibition. Isn’t it? Be assured, you won’t be disappointed.

Hosting your own exhibition stand at trade shows may not sound a big task, but it needs proper planning before execution. Remember, an unplanned show can lead to disasters.

So, here are your 7 steps to follow for putting up a nice exhibition show in any part of the world.

Your Niche and Your Trade Industry
Your Niche and Your Trade Industry

1. Understand your Niche

Firstly, decide what you are looking for. Give a thought on what is the requirement for your business. Consider what you are offering to people and whether it is for retail or wholesale? You are selling products or services? What is your target audience? Which country will give you maximum profit? What type of trade show will be suitable for you? And the list goes on...

All these questions might haunt you now, but this is the first major step you will have to follow before moving further.


2. Find a Suitable Event

Now, when you have considered everything about your business and its niche, let’s find an event for you.

How do you plan to pick an event? Will you ask your colleagues or clients? Or are you waiting for a news report to flash on TV? So, here you must know, these ideas are not going to work. At least not until you are late for registrations. Alarmed! Aren’t you? Don’t worry; here is the solution for you.

Today, the web world offers several event listing websites that provide information on leading trade shows and exhibitions coming up at top venues of the world. Skim through the pages on these sites to find about perfect exhibitions, conferences, seminars or trade fairs dealing in your industry. Hellotrade, Biztradeshows and Trade Show News Network are some of the renowned websites to find such information.

To benefit more from such websites, go through to know about top trade shows and venues in the world. Also, book your stay with hotels near exhibition venues to stay in vicinity of the exhibitions and fairs. Find a suitable event according to your desired industry, country, venue, organiser and date.

A Good Exhibition Staff
A Good Exhibition Staff

3. Hire Team Players and Leaders

After finding a suitable event for your participation, it’s time to hire best employees for hosting the event. Make sure the staff you hire is polite and retains great marketing skills throughout the event. The person dealing with customers should have leadership quality and an attention grabbing tone in his/her voice. After all, you want consumers to come and stick on your stand for longer. Personality of a person plays important role in making his/her first impression. While hiring, consider whether you as a consumer would buy products offered by him or not.

Booth Displays at Exhibition Stands
Booth Displays at Exhibition Stands

4. Exhibit with an Attractive Stand

Finally, you have registered for the event; you have great staff for handling your exhibition booth. Now what? The answer is, set up an attractive stand to catch the eye of consumers as well as other exhibitors. How? Don’t worry you will get the answer.

There are hundreds of service providers available for preparing the best booths and stands according to the theme of your services and products. These providers can be hired in different countries to prepare best stand for you.

Astro exhibitions, Dimension Group and Pinnacle Displays are some of the popular service providers who offer portable and fixed exhibition stands for national and international trade shows. Go through the portfolios offered by them and pick the design that fits your niche. Select a cost-effective yet attractive design to grab the attention of your clients and consumers.

Social Media Platforms
Social Media Platforms
Promotional Gifts
Promotional Gifts

5. Adopt Impressive Promotional ideas

So, ready with your striking booth design. Now, let’s plan up, how to attract maximum visitors. Today, almost every business needs market promotion as great ideas to grab the attention of masses. Thinking out of the box is the only way you can reach the heights.

You can promote your business in 2 simple ways:

a) Before the Event- Promotion by Social Media

The impact of social media is nothing you don’t know already. Isn’t it? So, why not obtain its benefits for your business. Share information about your participation in trade shows and exhibitions on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Involve people in group discussions to popularise your visit to upcoming trade fair.

b) During the Event

Now, when you have finally grabbed attention of visitors before the event, you will have to take some interesting measures to attract the masses. Adopt these ideas only if you business theme demands.

If you are directly targeting the consumers while selling out lifestyle products, home furnishing products or toys for kids, conduct some interesting games and competitions to draw people’s attention towards your stand. Give out appealing free promotional gifts like jute bags, pen sets, gaming CD’s and several other interesting gifts.

On the other hand, if you are dealing in machinery, government services, medical equipments or anything for wholesale business, avoid organising any games or such events. This might take away the attention of visitors from your main objective.

6. Make Business Relations

Why do you think you are participating in the exhibition? Only for selling your products and services? No, you are there for making new business contacts for future reference. Manufacturers can anytime sell their products in market, but participation in exhibitions provides you a competitive edge and an opportunity to meet your potential clients face-to-face. You might get your next big order at the show itself. Even the contact numbers will work in future.

Develop Business Relations
Develop Business Relations
Follow the Industry Meetings
Follow the Industry Meetings

7. Follow Up

Your last but, the most important step is to follow up. All your hard work will mean nothing, if you don’t take the right approach after the event is over. Want to know what to do after the exhibition? Read further.

a) Attend after Event Parties

No matter how tired you are after the exhibition, be present at the post event party. Most of the international exhibitions organise such get-togethers to facilitate business. These types of social platforms are perfect place to strengthen the business relations made during the event.

b) Drop a Mail

Another thing that you can do is to drop a detailed mail to the potential clients about your business and its future prospects. Provide them with features and key benefits of doing trade with your company.

c) Fix Meetings

Fix up a few meetings with the exhibitors and traders you met at the exhibition. Who knows when you get your next business partner or investor for business?

d) Invite the Clients to your Next Exhibition

The last thing you can do for follow up is to invite your clients and investors to your next big exhibition show. This will help you maintain your goodwill and relations with clients. Show your talent and popularity in market at the exhibitions and fairs.

Plan Your Strategy
Plan Your Strategy

A Quick Review of Most Important Points Discussed

Attractive Stand
Find a Suitable Event
Adopt Impressive Promotional ideas
• Astro exhibitions
a) Before the Event- Promotion by Social Media
• Dimension Group
b) During the Event
• Pinnacle Displays


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