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7 Supreme Tips To Earn More Affiliate Marketing Income By Working Less

Updated on December 1, 2013

7 Supreme Tips To Earn More Affiliate Marketing Income By Working Less

Can you earn more by working less? With affiliate marketing, it is possible. If you can automate the process, you will be able to earn more by working less. But, the catch is that you need to have a good landing page to convert your traffic. Without a good landing page, this whole strategy will be useless. Here are 7 supreme tips to earn more affiliate marketing income by working less:

1. Find Some Joint Venture Partners

If you do your affiliate marketing alone, you will do everything alone. This is not a good idea since you will spend too much time and effort promoting the product. If you want to make things easier for you, you should find some joint venture partners that will help you to promote your affiliate product. With a common agreement, you will be able to get more result from your promotion by doing less work.

2. Enrich Your Landing Page (See 7 great tips on how to create the best landing pages below)

Why should you rely on a single landing page that can’t give you the maximum conversion that you want to see in your promotion? That’s a bad way to promote your affiliate product. You have to make your landing page a good information source for your audience. In this way, you will proudly direct them to your landing page without looking like a salesman who desperately wants to get some sales.

3. Establish Automatic Email Marketing System

Email marketing can be the best way to convert your traffic into sales. By building a targeted mailing list for your affiliate promotion, you will be able to promote your affiliate product in a better way. If you want to have less work with your mailing list, create an automatic email marketing system in which you will give a good online course related to your topic. Make it run automatically, and it can give you good amount of sales automatically as well.

4. Grab The Launch Opportunity

Most affiliates ignore big product launch. But, I will tell you here that big product launch is your best opportunity to make money from your affiliate promotion. Why? That’s because those people who launch a big product will make sure that they have a big audience that expect to buy that product. If you grab every launch opportunity that comes your way, you will be able to make profit easily.

5. Focus On Wide Marketing Distribution

Instead of just focusing on one marketing channel, you have to focus on distributing your promotion materials to a lot of channels. For instance, if you only focus on doing article marketing in one article directory, you should start focusing on distributing your article to hundreds of article directories out there. It will give you better result with less effort.

6. Piggyback On High Traffic Websites

Don’t try to make money by desperately clinging into places that can’t produce quality leads for you. If your article directory can’t give you much result, then try to find other places that will make your promotion successful. You have to piggyback on high traffic websites because this is the only way to attract big number of targeted visitors to your landing page with less effort.

7. Focus On The Fun And Easy Thing And Outsource The Daunting Task

If you want to work less and achieve more with your affiliate marketing promotion, you should do only the tasks that are fun and easy for you to do. Outsource the rest for those who are knowledgeable about it. Don’t force yourself to do everything alone. You need to spread your effort effectively in order to achieve the best result in your affiliate marketing promotion.

Those are 7 supreme tips to earn more affiliate marketing income by working less. Most affiliates are working too hard for their promotion and they only get less result in return. Did you remember the 80-20 principle? Try to apply this principle in your affiliate promotion by following the tips above.

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7 Great Tips To Create The Best Landing Page For Your Affiliate Promotion

An affiliate promotion without a good landing page will likely become a failed promotion. Why? That’s because even though you’ve attracted lots of traffic to your landing page, the traffic will not convert since your landing page can’t convert it. Your landing page is the most important piece of your affiliate marketing promotion. Here are 7 great tips to create the best landing page for your affiliate promotion:

1. Make People Want To Stay On Your Landing Page

Most people make a big mistake in creating their landing page. They create only one page for their landing page, usually only consists of sign up box and free offer. This landing page is not too effective to presell your audience into buying your affiliate product. Instead, you have to create a landing page that provides useful information for your readers. Make it a good information source for your niche as well as for the product that you are promoting. Make people want to visit it again and again.

2. Make The Design Professional And Respectable For Your Readers

The design of your landing page is important too. Why should you design your landing page properly? That’s because people love seeing beautiful websites. It gives them comfort while reading those websites. Thus, it is important for you to design your landing page so that it will look professional, respectable, and beautiful.

3. Give The Message That Is Different From Others

You want to give information to your audience that is different from the rest. Yes, you want to give mind-boggling information about your niche. If you really want to succeed in your affiliate promotion, this is a must thing to do. If you’re just giving regular information to your readers, you will not go anywhere. They will not get impressed. But, if you have some kind of uniqueness, people will give their full attention toward what you’re telling them.

4. Give The Message That Is Not Ambiguous

Remember that you also need to give information that is not confusing or ambiguous. You need to be clear in what you are saying to your audience. Don’t cloud the information in effort to mislead them and trick them into buying your product. It won’t work. In fact, it can backfire. So, be very careful in the wording of your landing page copy. It needs to convey a clear message to your audience.

5. Give People An Action To Take

You have to put a strong call to action in your landing page. That’s because if you only give them the information without letting them know about what to do next, you will only make them stop in their track. They will not go anywhere else. They will not go further. You want them to go to your merchant’s sales page, and you need to put a clear call to action in order to do it successfully.

6. Clear Your Landing Page From Third Party Ads

Do not distract your audience with third party ads such as AdSense or Chitika. If you really want to promote your affiliate product, you shouldn’t put any ads in your landing page. It will make your landing page less credible and it will only give confusing call to action for your audience.

7. Focus On Promoting One Product

It is always recommended for you to focus on promoting only one product. Why should you promote one product only? That’s because it will give your readers a clear direction to go. When you promote too many products in your landing page, your readers will have a difficulty to choose between the good and the bad products. This will result in less conversion.

Those are 7 great tips to create the best landing page for your affiliate promotion. Remember that a successful affiliate promotion needs a good landing page in place. That’s why professional marketers will always split test their landing page to determine which is good and which is bad. Those tips will help you to create a good landing page that will bring you the best conversion rate for your affiliate promotion.


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