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7 Things to Consider While Choosing an Embroidery Service

Updated on November 23, 2011

How to Choose an Embroidery Service

Finding a good embroidery service is as difficult as searching for a needle in a huge pile of hay. Sometimes the service provider doesn’t have requisite permits and valid licenses, and at other times, the workforce lacks the much needed skills and experience. Here are seven tips that will help you to find a superlative embroidery company.

  1. Company profile- Read the profile vigilantly to ascertain what kind of embroidery services does the company offer. Some companies provide a wide range of services like logo embroidery, t-shirt embroidery, cap embroidery, monogram embroidery, and so forth. A few other enterprises offer only personalized embroidery services. Make sure that the selected company provides the service that you need.
  2. Policies and warranties- All the terms and conditions should be clearly defined. The policies pertaining to reorder, return, exchange and payment should also be explicitly spelled out. Additionally, the embroidery company should also readily provide some kind of warranty or service contract so that the customer is able to get products as per his requirements.
  3. Licenses and permits- Valid licenses and permits accentuate the trustworthiness and reliability of the company. Ensure that the service provider has appropriate certifications from authorized organizations. The company should gallantly showcase all the certifications.
  4. Testimonials and references- Good companies like have a long list of testimonials to boast about. Go through these testimonials carefully. Request the embroidery company to provide you the contact information of a few satisfied customers. Talk to the references candidly to be doubly sure that the service provider has the capability to provide you first-rate embroidery services.
  5. Workforce experience-The workforce should have the talent and expertise to do various kinds of clothing embroidery. If you have highly specific requirements, then you should ensure that the employees of the company have the ability to fulfill your special needs.
  6. Samples- The best way to evaluate the proficiency of the workforce is to take a look at the work samples. Ask the embroidery company to provide you some embroidered patches. Inspect the samples warily to authenticate the efficiency of the service provider. To be doubly sure, you can also request the company to create a few embroidered patches according to your specifications. If the enterprise succeeds in doing that then you can safely place the order.
  7. Price list- Last, but not the least, check the price list. The embroidery services on offer should be reasonably priced. Moreover, there should be some space for negotiations. Once both the parties agree on the price, the service contract should be signed.


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