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7 Best Job Search Apps

Updated on August 1, 2016


When looking down for a new job, if all you do is submit your resume blindly on job boards, you won’t have much luck these days.

Find the legitimate jobs offers and stay away from not scam job postings ( internet is filled with those ) connect to the right people that can help you get those jobs. Have all of the information at your fingertips. See job openings, company reviews, salary information, competition, job options, and apply with just a few touches. Here are a few apps that will help you tap into the right opportunities during your job search.


Hidden Jobs

It’s a fact that most jobs about 80% can’t be found in the newspaper or on job boards. If you’re waiting for the perfect job to be advertised, chances are you’re too late.

App Hidden Jobs tracks close to 2 million unadvertised jobs, that you may never have access to. They do all the hard work for you in keeping updates about latest openings and are aware about company job announcements through various sources like newspapers, magazines, press releases, and online media.

App is ideal for job hunters of all types, from the recent college graduate to the seasoned career professional. Now cut down your hours of job search and get direct access to new openings from huge number of sources and apply quickly. This increases your chances of getting a cool job, that you may not have had access to otherwise.


App is particularly beneficial for setting up informal meetings with industry professionals. Excellent for networking and building links that can help a lot in ones career. App syncs with your LinkedIn profile and find contacts who are already open to scheduling in-person meetings. Connect and schedule a meeting with any professional in a 50-mile (80 kilometers) radius, and once you've selected a meeting place, the information is automatically synced with your phone's calendar.


JobCompass app focuses on finding you jobs that are nearby. While most job boards allow you to filter search results based on your ZIP code, the app uses your smartphone's GPS to show you where the job is in relation to you or another specified location. If thinking about moving to a new area, search for jobs in more than 55 countries to see what's out there. And when you find a job to your liking, apply directly within the app. Quick and easy.


Fabulous App when you're looking for hourly work in the restaurant, retail or customer-service industries. App also lets you filter your search results by type, location and other criteria, an integrated map shows you the exact location of each job. When you find an opening you want, save it for later or apply from within the app. You can also sign up for receiving email alerts to be notified when a new position opens up.

Great for finding seasonal jobs and if you want to earn while looking for job as per your liking. As good jobs can take time upto several months to be found or hired onto. Keep earning and finding your dream job.


Job seekers who spend lots of time scanning sites like Monster, The Ladders, Indeed, and Simply Hired can have now access to popular jobs search sites, find job positions and apply for jobs from one intuitive app. Find jobs in your area, and discuss job search with other users. Find information on specific companies, compare salary information, learn about new trends and positions.

App is ideal for those who spend lot of time searching job sites, and would like to save time by accessing relevant jobs from one site.

Career Bliss

Wondering about how it would be working in a particular company at a specific position. Now get reviews from people who have been there before you sharing their experiences and advice. Knowing about inner workings and exact salary about position you want to apply is a good information to keep you aware about what you're actually getting into. Saving you frustration and surprises afterwards. A must have for making informed career decisions.


Job hunting and searching for positions on open job boards, can lead to applying to a fake or scam job. LinkUp app pulls listings directly from company websites, so the jobs you find through the app are always current and legitimate. It also lets you save listings you like, revisit your search history and receive alerts for relevant jobs. Filter out the scammers and reach out to genuine employers via LinkUp app.


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