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7 Top Marketing Trends in 2016

Updated on May 4, 2016

Hall recommends enterprises should continue to optimize marketing through mobile devices, content production and video image quality. In addition, businesses need to be prepared to rise above the competition by updating and follow the following marketing trends in 2016.

1. Writing skills will play an important role
When marketing and advertising industry shift from print to digital, many students studying journalism had feared he would unemployment. But now, with strong growth in content marketing, research skills, writing and editing is becoming more important, especially when high-quality content is one of the factors leading to enhanced marketing effectiveness through the pages looking for information (SEO).

However, in a report titled Marketing content between enterprises of the year 2016 (2016 B2B Content Marketing), Content Marketing Association (USA) said, only 19% of marketers focus develop writing skills in the future.

So, Hall advises businesses should recruit staff with writing and editing skills to build a team of strong content marketing in 2016.

2. Marketing of content will be needed for all areas of business operations
Many businesses view that the main task of the marketing department is to promote the image, products and services of enterprises to external customers. However, Hall said that this is the main function of marketing rather than a single function.

The group's product marketing content will gradually become an important asset for other internal departments in the modern enterprise. For example, manufacturing and trading room will use a content marketing team built to guide the efforts made and sold products that can create the most value for customers, personnel department will use that content to train new employees about the working process ...

3. individuals will be top criteria in marketing
The experts said that businesses will increasingly have to pay more attention to these factors and overcome the limitations of e-commerce, making every customer is treated like the "VIP" (VIPs) .

Hall cited the case of MagicBand - the group performed at the Disney theme parks. Customers will be different groups serving MagicBand depending on the characteristics of the purpose of rest, my amusement. Many customers "chatter" was felt very attached to be leaving the team after coming to Disney since MagicBand was treated very favorably.

Hall advises businesses e-commerce should also learn this spirit and find ways to work, from sending e-mails or gift certificate personalized for each client to the care or private dedicated and consistent advice, making them feel like the most important and special.

4. Build credibility in the industry
According to Hall, without the leaders are leading experts often have opinions, participate in the business forum will be hard to create a credible image and convince the customers. Customers want to have a connection with the brand, and they will feel more confident if they are interacting with business leaders.

The best way to form a connection with the customer that is creating content prestige, class of enterprises with the share, the contribution of the senior leaders.

5. Create additional value for customers and stop "selling" them
Hall recommends that companies should abandon the just focusing on the purpose of sale, but instead should focus on ensuring that existing customers and potential - who can interact with the brands - the price true value, by providing them with quality content or create them with a positive experience.

6. Content quality is a leading factor for SEO Marketing
Previously, SEO is on building links to the web pages (links) and optimize the keywords (keyword) to make the search results. Corporate ratings in the search results from sites like Google will depend on these factors.

After constantly updated algorithms, the basis for making the search results, Google started now rank search results based on the evaluation of the quality of content.

7. The versatile company will lose
Hall said that the easiest way to make customers feel doubts about the credibility of the enterprise is to tell them that "My company can meet all your requirements."

With the trend of more and more professions highly specialized nature, the company provides comprehensive services (full-service) will become less and less.

Hall advised, following the trend that businesses should only focus on the things we can do to best meet our customers the products and services they expect from the business. Only when focusing efforts on helping his differences with competitors, they can now serve customers in the best way.


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