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7 Steps to Find a Good Web Hosting Company for Business

Updated on April 28, 2014

7 Steps to find good web hosting company for business

There is a plethora of web hosting companies available in the market, and each of them is promising to have 99% uptime guarantee as well as unlimited features, hosting space, bandwidth, e-mails and a variety of web hosting packages according to customers’ requirement. Many web hosting companies provides their service range from shared hosting, managed hosting, reseller hosting, VPS server and Dedicated Server Hosting. All of these hosting services differ from each other in nature of service, requirements and costs.

If you are serious about promoting your business online for marketing and generating sales, then you shouldn't go with the cheap web hosting provider. Remember what you pay is what you get in return. A cheap web hosting provider probably won’t have a specialize around the clock tech support, and a good server for hosting your website with minimum requirements which includes, RAM, Disk Space, Features and the most important is Server Uptime.

Things to look for a web hosting company before you sign-up a deal with them:

1. 24x7 Tech Support

This is the most important factor you should consider with high priority while choosing a web host for your business site. The hosting company must have multiple venues for technical support such as email, support tickets, live chat and phone support, and they are available 24x7/365 days around the clock. If an issue arise, they will fix it as quick as possible to prevent possible outages from getting your website down and inaccessible to your visitors.

2. Reliability

Reliability is the second important factor while choosing a web host for business. Your website should up and running 24x7 without any downtime, and your visitors should be able to access your website. You should seek a web hosting company that provides 99.9% uptime guarantee per month. This helps your website to server better to your customers and increase your overall SEO raking.

If your websites uptime is below 99.9% this means your website is offline for a longer time and unavailable to your visitors and search engines, which may result in loss of potential customers and overall Search engine rankings.

3. Price

Web hosting package price is what we look first while choosing a web hosting provider, but it’s not like “what you see is what you get”, its “what we get what we pay for”. Buying a cheap hosting plan is not a good idea for the website on which you are going to making money. If you are going to buy a cheap hosting package for “unlimited” then you probably not going to have 24x7 support and a good uptime and speed, the server on which your site is going to be hosted may be of low configuration that lack RAM and processing speed which may slow down your websites loading speed. Which may result in losing visitors and overall search engine ranking.

Things like premium server hardware and 24x7 support costs money to web hosting company and they charge about INR.50/100 per month to their customers, and a hosting package for INR.50/m for unlimited features may possibly not providing a good technical support and a server uptime.

You may need to take a closer look at the hosting package features that every hosting company provides, and then to compare prices for what you are going to pay for.

4. Speed

Fast loading web pages attracts visitors and improve organic search ranking. Check with your web hosting provider if they have any speed issue, obviously most of the web hosting companies will not share this information publicly. It’s up to you Google some reviews about the particular web hosting company with you are going to host your website.

5. Add-ons and Features

What makes a hosting company different from others? Do they offer free domain registration, daily data backup, domain privacy, free website transfer from another host, basic SEO services, Website builder etc.… usually web hosting companies offers more than just hosting space to attract visitors, check if the you find what you are looking for, it may be a good sign of choosing a web-host for your website.

6. Control Panel

Control panel is what you are using to build your website which makes your several tasks easier such as , setting up an FTP account, creating a Database, email accounts, PHP settings, WordPress installations etc… and this is all without calling your hosting company or hiring a professional. Check if the company is using the latest Control panel cPanel or Plesk which will make your updating and modification tasks easier.

7. Scalability

What if your current hosting plan doesn't meets your requirements after couple of years, when your website starts growing and getting some more traffic & sales? Does your hosting provider offer easy upgrades from shared hosting plans to VPS or dedicated hosting? Or they have any difficulty or overcharge money for upgrading and transferring data.

Transferring from one host to another may be a difficult task and takes your valuable time and effort as well as your site may suffers downtime which can make your website inaccessible to visitors, could lead loss of sales. You can avoid this if your hosting provider offers easy account scalability.


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