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7 tips to 'easily' become a successful public speaker:

Updated on September 29, 2012

How to become the best orator in short time

  • Just do it! Find a group or association which is related to what you are going to speak about. Then go to different places, for example universities, companies, educational institutions etc. and offer them that you will give a free speach on "XYZ" topic. Choose to speak upon what you love.
  • Always remember to rehearsal in your mind. Visualize as often as you can that you are a good public speaker and people like to listen you. Make your speech humorous. People want something funny. They don't like boring lectures. So make your speech interesting.
  • Use jokes, anecdotes and quotes. There should be laughter, tears and inspiration in your speech. Use positive affirmations and self hypnosis to program your mind to believe that you are the best public speaker. If you don't believe in yourself then nobody will believe in you.

  • When you will get actual feedback from people then even if that feed-back is negative don't feel depressed. Because it is just a feedback. Now you know what is missing and where should you work to improve yourself. Remember most great public speakers started as poor public speakers.
  • Always review your performance. Speak in front of mirror and observe your body language. Record your speech and listen to it with your eyes closed and notice your voice tone.
  • Just remember the key points and spontaneously build your speach around those key points. Then you will find that your speach will never become boring. Spontenity has a charm and grace. It shows that you are expert and you are confident about what you are speaking.
  • Have a great collection of short stories and anecdotes which you can use anywhere spontaneously in your speech. Practice in front of mirror and see yourself in different gestures and body postures while telling stories.
  • Film yourself while giving speech and observe your real performance. In the begining speak in front of your family members and friends. Latter on participate in any group discussions and then you will automatically get confidence to speak in front of a mob.


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