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7 Tips to Follow to Get the Job at the Interview

Updated on October 8, 2015
Always have your resume prepared and ready. Bring a copy to your interview
Always have your resume prepared and ready. Bring a copy to your interview

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Get a knock em dead resume together. Make several copies in case more than one interviewer shows up

In the nation's current economy, locating a job is more than a little difficult. Many job hunters seek a position week after week to put food on the table without little luck. Perseverance finally pays off for countless in the form of an interview. More than a couple of months go by before finally landing an interview with any company Once you land an interview, take it to the next level and get the position.

After snagging the meeting make certain this is the last stop on the roller-coaster of job hunting. In order to see this take place, make certain to do more than a few things to increase the likelihood of this happening.

Stand apart

Start off by standing apart from the rest of the bunch on the hunt. Parting from the herd and sticking out is a good thing. Make a presence known in a positive manner. Never make a negative connection. Making certain this is accomplished with a great resume or interview is irrelevant as long as the end result remains the same

The fact is putting an individual forward in a confident and constructive manner is a good thing. This is the difference between going home dejected or sitting behind the desk at the company instead of someone else.

Things to do to make certain things go well

Stick to the following and avoid being hindered for the next job opportunity coming this way;

1. Always dress nice- No wrinkles, rips or tears and definitely no blue jeans. Even if the job interview is for a position where a uniform is necessary or casual which permits jeans every day at work, stay away from this dress wear for the interview process.

Avoid carrying a coat and other accessories such as umbrellas if possible. It makes a prospect appear disorganized or sloppy in some circumstances. Every thing about attire is observed whether some people realize it or not.t

2. Carry confidence into the room- This does not mean have an arrogant attitude. However, look the interviewer in the eye, shake hands and repeat their name back. Stay focused and on task. Try to relax. Any individual's body language during the interview is important. Being relaxed as well as confident, will come across in the interview. Feel as if this is the one.

3. Come prepared-bring a copy of the resume and any recommendations. Sometimes the interview dynamic is sitting with more than one person. This means several copies of the paperwork is a terrific idea. If there are extras, use these at a later time.

Do some homework on the company and the position being applied for. Knowledgeable discussions are sometimes thrown into the mix. The point is to determine what is known about the business connected with the position. Knowing the facts puts this applicant in a better place than most.

4. Ask questions-Do not ask the same questions all other interviewers ask. Stay away from questions such as whens payday? How any worker start direct deposit right away? Besides these questions being for payroll, this is not the kind of inquiries the interviewer is searching for. Actually the person across the table typically does not know.

After learning about the business, ask sincere questions about the company as a whole. This is a hot topic. For the most part this is a more relaxed feature in the process. Common ground is found here.

5. Arrive a minimum of one half hour early- this makes time to be prepared and relax before the interview. Being there before the designated time says a lot about any applicant.

6. Speak with business as the mindset-avoid using any acronyms unless the interviewer uses them first. No profanity and slang. This is a place of business and the employer or interviewer wants to make certain all communication skills are business oriented

7. Make certain all personal social networking pages pass the business test-10% of companies have advised they have hired or fired someone based on the content found on an employee's personal social networking site. This is one of every ten companies promoting the practice.

Imagine when performing background checks these same companies review an applicants social networking information. In order to assure safety ensure any social site says nothing with the potential to embarrass a proposed employer. Rate all material with a "G" rating.

In conclusion

A job interview is an opportunity to get a foot in the door of any company. Get the rest of the body in the door with a great interview. Show confidence and strength of character each and every time. Remember to keep all options open and don’t expect a call back the next day. With the current economy there are literally 4 times as many people applying for the same position. Good Luck!

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Manners are important. Use them at all times.

Never crack jokes or make obscene noises. Even if this is only an interview, this is in a place of business. Showing confidence and assertion do not include being rude. Manners are important. Thank you, no thank you and please go a long way.

With some company managers view everything as a test. Such as what seat is chosen during the process, how many times someone agrees or disagrees with a statement and even who offers a hand first for a handshake. Keep an eye out for any clever or crafty agents working the system. A few use these silly results to deny a person the next step.

There are four people applying for every one job. Stand out from the herd and make a positive impact.
There are four people applying for every one job. Stand out from the herd and make a positive impact.

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