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8 Guidelines to Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Booth

Updated on June 10, 2013


Are you planning to put up an exhibition stand to promote your business? If yes, then you might be wondering how to attract potential visitors to your booth? Read on, to find answers to such questions.

Explore some creative ways for crafting an edge over your competitors while exhibiting at trade shows and events that hold national or international importance. has a list of such events, which cover different industries and nations. It is easy to find a popular and relevant trade event with it. These tips will surely give you a clearer idea on how to organise and promote your products at an exhibition stand.

Exhibition Stand
Exhibition Stand

Trade Show Booth Design

Creative design and attractive signage can easily grab the attention of clients to your exhibition stand. Use readable and colourful posters displaying right information about your brand and products. This will convey your message and attract potential visitors to your booth. The idea is to make your focus clear and let your stand speak for itself. You can select from various trade show displays available in the market which are attractive yet cost-effective. If you are planning an event in Europe or UK, hire design services from JDJ Exhibitions who will offer innovative ideas for your exhibition stand. Also, arrange product demonstrations to attract more visitors to your booth. Make sure, you pick a reliable logistic company to transfer huge trade show displays to the venue.

Exhibition Booth Requirements

It is advisable to determine your booth requirements beforehand. Make a comprehensive list of things that you will require. These additional things are offered by event managing companies on completion of a simple form. You may require some basic things like:

  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Note-Pads and Pens
  • High Internet Connection
  • Business Cards and Brochures
  • Carpeting
  • Audio-visual set-up
  • Padding

Along with above mentioned basic requirements, you can go for catering and iPad lead record documentation. Also, exhibitors can select some unique floral arrangements for visitor tables to make the stand look more appealing.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Even small exhibits can give a lot of business, if planned properly. You need not spend pots of cash to organise a huge stand with capacious sitting. The main objective is to keep your exhibition display informative. Appearance of your stand is enough to catch the eye of potential customers. Make sure your posters include plain, bold and simple graphics, targeting mainly on company’s name and products. Remember that your booth must display the personality of your brand. Your stand should always be organised and clutter-free. It might be a challenging task to display your products innovatively using unique marketing schemes. So, select your team intelligently and work on the theme.

Minds at Work
Minds at Work

Minds at Work

Knowledgeable, energetic and enthusiastic team can make a huge difference in attracting clients to the exhibit. Working together towards the same objective can enable your company to achieve landmarks of success. Face to face conversation with clients can gain you more deals and establish strong business contacts.

Follow the following guidelines to make your team a stronger one:

  • Have daily briefing about products, services and client feedbacks with your team to keep them updated.
  • The staff should appear friendly and smile warmly to start a conversation with client. It is very necessary to have eye contact with clients while briefing them about your company and products.
  • Team members should avoid eating at exhibition stand. This can hamper your business prospects and turn away clients.
  • Never leave the stand empty.
  • Ask your team to categorise all the leads.
  • Make different groups and change duties. It is very weary to sit for 12 hours and manage the stand. Lazy team members at the exhibition stand can become a major turn-off for potential business clients.
  • To enhance the productivity, appreciate your team for their efforts and motivate them regularly with cash as well as kind.

Fun Games at Exhibitions
Fun Games at Exhibitions

Games and Competitions

Many companies organise promotional activities to create a buzz at the event and attract visitors to their stand. But, don’t forget, your major aim is to generate leads, enhance marketing and facilitate local awareness or database building. While organising such events, consider some restrictions like:

  • If you are participating in “only trade show”, avoid organising competitions. Games might take the attention away from your main objective.
  • Though, in a “consumer trade show”, where you are meeting your target customers face-to-face, these games and competitions can be of great help.

Include games and competitions, where consumers can get special offers on your services and products. For instance, if you are in travel business organise a board game where participants can win a free hotel stay or a complementary dinner.

Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gifts

Promotional Gifts and Merchandise

Invest on promotional gifts and merchandise which enhance your brand value. Who doesn’t like freebies and surprises? Everybody does, isn’t it? Exhibitors can select from a wide range of products which are interesting yet inexpensive. Pick products that are apt for your domain and useful for clients.

For several merchandise options, visit The Corporate Gifts Company and order online. Select from some of the following promotion gift options:

  • Jute bags with name or logo of the company can be a great option to create awareness about environment while promoting your products.
  • Another best option is fortune cookies wrapped and sealed in the wrapper having the company’s name inked on it. These cookies can be filled with surprise gifts including special products and services offered by your company.
  • If you are dealing in computer graphics and animation, give out some gaming CD’s or 3D magazines. This will provide an insight to the client about your company.
  • You can also give out discount vouchers, product samples, refreshments, candies, pen drives, pens, folders, pocket organisers, badges and more.

Promotional Jute Bags
Promotional Jute Bags

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Pre-Event Promotion

Use powerful marketing tools to promote your event personally as well as on internet. Exhibition stands give an opportunity to network with peers and build good rapport in the market. Try to network with your fellow exhibitors in your free time and enhance your trade aspects. Follow the following tips to ensure huge footfall to your stand and make new business contacts:

  • Upload banners on your website with correct event dates and timings.
  • Send personal invites, brochures to your existing business clients.
  • Email updates to prospects and customers to remind them about the event.
  • Introduce several attractive offers that clients can avail at your exhibition booth.
  • Talk with organisers to know about other marketing strategies followed for the event.

Media Campaign
Media Campaign

Media Campaign

Exhibitors can promote their presence at the event by advertising in local newspapers and magazines. If your budget allows, you can go for television advertisements and radio announcements, this will further increase your brand value and attract more visitors. Organise online competitions, flash prizes, upload pictures and videos on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and more. You can flash banners reflecting the stand number and dates of the event on your official website. Furthermore, use catchy lines in your email signature reflecting the name of the event with your booth number.

Follow these useful tips and optimize the benefits of exhibiting at an event. If you have some more tips and suggestions, you can write it in the comment box mentioned below. Your valuable feedback will be highly appreciated.

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Promotional Gifts and Merchandise


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    • Ashfield Displays profile image

      Ashfield Displays 2 years ago from UK

      A great article for first time event planners!

    • profile image

      luc 3 years ago

      all good idea and marketing idea are great I should read you more dear avee hope to read more of your good idea.

      thanks luc canada

    • StartupInThailand profile image

      Andy 3 years ago from Thailand

      I just arrange one of these for a client. It went well, but was VERY busy. Nice tips.

    • avee-angel18 profile image

      avee-angel18 4 years ago

      @Denise Totally glad for being of help to you. It is really interesting how many ways can be used to promote a business house and I have several more ideas to share. You can also add me on facebook too, to get useful suggestions. Here is the link to my facebook profile Keep visiting :)

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 4 years ago from North Carolina

      Very useful ideas here. I've been tossing around ideas for a company and had not even considered promoting it through trade shows or other exhibits. Thanks. UP/U/A/I and shared.

    • avee-angel18 profile image

      avee-angel18 4 years ago

      @lokesh Thanks

    • profile image

      lokesh 4 years ago

      Nice way to promote a business... Article is a good help..