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How to overcome the Problems to become Success

Updated on June 5, 2016
Ways to remove Problems to become success
Ways to remove Problems to become success

Success has become the scintillating keyword of our lives today. ‘Achievement, prosperity, fitness and enjoyment’ are more words in the same kitty. These are words that envisage all sorts of skills and abilities, possessions and assets, relationships and social prominence as well as the ability to rise way above the ordinary to become ‘one in a million’!!

We dream of having beautiful home, a sparkling social life, exclusive jewellery and designer clothes, a satisfying family life and great friends – indeed we want absolutely everything that makes us successful in every area of life. But, many a time, in our anxiety to get these goals, we stumble and fall, never to be whole persons again.

We lose sight of our path and wander off into strange landscapes from where it takes us long time to return. We make mistakes, misjudgments and misdemeanors and often indulge in misadventures. So, we end up missing the goal which we are keen to achieve. How then should we jump over these ‘hurdles’ and keep clear track of our goals until we get there? Here are some sure-fire solutions and examples. These, applied with wisdom and patience to our lives, can benefit us greatly.

Often, in our efforts to maximize our lives, we end up being our own worst enemies. We give up where we should hang on and foolishly hold on to failures which we should trash. Here are some tips to jump over such hurdles to reach your goal joylessly!!!


Surely you remember the ‘triple declaration’ of actor Vidya Balan in the movie, The Dirty Picture? She said films are ‘entertainment, entertainment, entertainment’!!! She was praised for putting her finger exactly on the pulse of the film industry. In the same way, in working for your goal, the triple declaration’ is ‘perseverance, perseverance, perseverance’.

Fix your goal and go after it relentlessly with a full heart. Don’t give up till you have arrived. This tenacity was wonderfully illustrated by superstar Amitabh Bachan in the way he handled the ‘worst phase’ of his life. After the serious mismanagement of money and business which caused the crash of Amitabh Bachan Corp., the banks were almost considering seizing his home in lieu of his loans. But his perseverance – without ego – made him approach producers for work. It is well-known that Yashchopra offered him Mohabbatein and the tide turned completely in his favour. Earlier, the superstar fought a life threatening accident and illness to come back successfully to his career. Bachan’s glory acquired greater effulgence when he did the first edition of Kaun Banega Crorepati, a TV show which he would never have considered earlier. Currently, he is spearheading one more edition of this fantastically successful TV quiz programme.

More recently, cricketer Yuvaraj Singh went through trying times with cancer, but made a valiant effort and came back to international cricket!! This quality of finding ways to come back with honor and dedication, to rely on honesty and good relationships, to try brilliant alternatives, is necessary in achieving you goal.

Discard Arrogance

N R Narayan Murthy, chairman emeritus of Infosys, lists three categories of arrogance. The first concerns our youth, beauty and glamour. The second concerns our money or wealth and the last concerns our knowledge and intelligence. While looks disappear with age or illness, wealth can also vanish with wrong decisions.

But, the third kind of arrogance, of knowledge and ego, remains till we die and is most dangerous. It closes our minds to new ways of thinking and wipes out our curiosity to learn more. ‘Be attentive and curious and you will know’. This is the dictum of many who have reached their goals with a smile on their faces.

Ways to remove hurdles
Ways to remove hurdles

Cultivate good manners

The language you use, the respect you show those around you – including friends and colleagues with less privileges than you – and your willingness to recognize others efforts with genuine appreciation will bring the reward of loyalty from your happy group. Under no circumstances, should you use or abuse people as your ladder to climb to your goal and then discard them unceremoniously.

Three things that spell success are: adequate effort, right timing and prayer. Earn the respect of your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances by doing honest hard work with devotion to a clear goal. Remember the old saying, “ If you don’t possess honey, you surely have genuine sweet words to win hearts.”

Take your Team

At home or at your work place – with you when you work for success – share ideas, innovations and all the goodies that achievement brings. Give everybody due credit for their contribution and raise them also to a higher level of their success and careers.

Success should never be a lonely journey. In many western countries, office colleagues are sent to sports or cooking classes to build a strong team spirit. Create such new adventures for your family or colleagues to become more trusting, more co-operative and more approachable to build your support team. Remember it takes years to build rewarding relationships or friendships but it takes just one minute to break or destroy them.

Build Yourself into an Attractive, Multifaceted Personality

Learn social skills, life skills and relationship skills as you walk towards your goal! You never know which skill will help you to climb the next rung of your ambition. Keep in touch, remember important dates and ask if you can help or support. Dress well and suitably for all occasions. Enjoy your success and the lifestyle it brings without being patronizing or boastful with others.

Don’t bring sexuality into all activities

It takes you into a labyrinth with no exit. Avoid excesses of any kind because they intoxicate you and wipe out your reasoning instincts. In Indian culture, six enemies of happy success have been accurately named. These are 1. Excessive anger, angst or vengefulness. 2. Indulgence in unbridled, irresponsible sexual activity. 3. Jealousy and envy. 4. Arrogance of speech and behavior. 5. Abominable greed 6. and Avarice. Avoid these conscientiously.

How to overcome hurdles in success
How to overcome hurdles in success

Build a reputation for a reliable, genuine and honest performance in your workplace and family life

Nothing is more valuable in the achievement of your goal than that people concerned in your efforts trust you implicitly to do your best and inspire all around you do their best too. When your group does well together, your leadership qualities acquire a glow of success.

There are innumerable leaders and business tycoons who have earned the trust of everyone and become immortal in their personal and business lives because they defined leadership correctly. A flawless reputation is a guarantee success.

Never stop learning
Never stop learning

Never Stop Learning

New knowledge enables you to look at options other than what is on your platter already. With technology, travel and trade expanding at an electronic speed, new ideas, methods and solutions come into the market every minute. Choose carefully those ideas that add to your quiver of arrows to aim at your goal and use them with intelligence to get right results. Especially, in your personal wealth-building activities, be well informed, super-confident of the investments and expenditures you are making!

Most importantly, treasure your health and energy level to be that superwomen you dream of being. Those whom you admire may have reached their goals with joy because of their tremendous strength of will and physical well-being, although they may behave as if it was a cakewalk. Live in a spirit of gratefulness and give your best to your goal. Acknowledge generously all those who supported or helped you to reach your goal and make sure you give your best to them in return. When you work for the world, the world works for you!!


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