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8 Secrets To Increase Business Sales

Updated on November 24, 2014

8 Secret Ways to Increase Your Business Sales

In a good or bad economy, the big and only important detail in business is the bottom line. How much profit did you make that last year, the last quarter, the last month, even the last week. Indeed, without profit you cannot be in business for very long.

I often hear people say that with the economy so good, everyone is doing what I am doing so it is hard to find new clients or business. Conversely, I also hear people say in a bad economy, the economy is so bad that everyone is doing what I am doing in order to try to make ends meet which means its hard to find new clients.

The problem with both statements is that not only are they true but they are true of the lazy worker, salesman, business owner or investor. Sure, all the “easy” clients are going to be snatched up right away. That means you and your company are going to have to “work” to get the new business you want and need.

You are going to have to get creative in your prospecting especially if you have little or no budget for garnering new clients and new business. The good thing is that most of your competitors will not be using the following methods to increase their sales and business. So you may find that these ideas will actually be “easy” for you.

Secret 1 Employment Ads

Every day companies advertise available employment position. What this means is that the company advertising for that position is in need of a person or group of people to do the job they need done.

If you are a head-hunter or consultant or independent contractor, your services could fill the needs of that company without the company having to go through the expensive process of interviewing and researching and vetting candidates for the particular position they need to fill.

Employment ads are all over the place. Your local newspaper, your local weekly paper or tabloid, your regional newspaper, online and even on TV. There is an endless supply of these kinds of leads. Even the unemployment office has a large list of open positions. Check them all out then approach these companies with your solution to their employment problems.

Secret 2 New Executives

New executives moving up or joining a company create tremendous sales opportunities within their executive areas. A new executive hire is a threat to current product and service providers, and an opportunity for new providers. Typically the new executive is excited about making changes and the company is prepared to support the new spending for those changes.

Which this means is that you have an opportunity to present your product or service as the new or better opportunity the new executive is looking for. You need to do some research to find out what style of leadership the new executive has and what they have done in the past to get them promoted or hired to their new position.

Companies often announce new executive hires with a press release, in local newspapers, on websites and even in industry appropriate newspapers and magazines.

Secret 3 Business Tombstones

Financial tombstones don't mean the end or death of a company. They are advertisements you usually see in the business section of newspapers or other publications that don't seem to sell or promote anything. They simply announce a financial offering or a financial transaction which can mean a company has capital that must be put to use, invested back into the company.

Tombstones provide you with two things; the company and the event. You also know the amount of money the company may be working with and will be available to spend, possibly with your company. These listings are used by new, small, mid sized and large corporations. The companies can be privately held or traded on the various stock exchanged across the globe.

Secret 4 Free Publications

Some industry publications are circulated for free to “qualified recipients”. These recipients are people who identify themselves as meeting a certain set of demographics. These are the demographics that the advertisers in the publication seek to reach with their marketing messages. You can actually “steal” this information simply by getting access to the distribution list or listing that are listed inside the publication.

Also, study the articles and ads within these publications for potential customer names, contact information of decision makers and competitors.

Secret 5 SBA Opportunities

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers online access to business opportunities. If you are a small business, you may promote your products and services with the SBA. You may also research and respond to contracting opportunities that are appropriate for your business.

Contact your local or regional SBA office to learn what opportunities it offers. Companies also often go to the SBA looking for qualified companies to do business with. Ask about companies that are looking to be coupled with a company like yours.

Secret 6 Chambers of Commerce

Much like the SBA, but with a twist. If you join and become active in your local chamber of commerce, you can find all kinds of business opportunities and they often will have little to no competition.

Local Chamber events offer the opportunity to network with others and begin sales and referral relationships. Yes business is done on the golf course but they are also done at Chamber of Commerce meetings and events. You don't want to be on the outside of this group. Join a Chamber in your area of interest.

Secret 7 News Articles

Newspapers and their websites cover all aspects of the people and companies of a particular area. These stories are of huge interest to the people who read them. While businesses are typically covered in the business section of a newspaper, they are mentioned in human interest and other stories that appear throughout the entire newspaper.

Also, the print advertisements within the pages of these publications could give you an insight to your competition or the needs of your local business community. Don't discount your local newspaper. And read beyond the business and sports pages. There are many gems for you to find.

Secret 8 Your Current List of Customers

So often business owners and sales people totally forget or overlook their current and past customer list for new opportunities to gain new sales or to get leads to others who could be new clients.

Your current and past customers already know how you and your company operate so that part of the sales process is not needed.  They are already educated to your company.  This saves you time and money in the sales process. 

Also, if your current or past customers are happy with your product or service, they won't have any issues with recommending others to you.  In fact they may give you contact information and they may also pre-contact the potential client on your behalf telling them what a great deal you have to offer.  Never overlook your customer list.  You worked hard to built it so exploit is for all its worth.

Use Social Media to Increase Sales

Other Secrets?

These secrets, as you may well know, are not really secrets. Successful sales and marketing professionals have been using these secrets for years to increase their sales and to keep their sales funnels full of potential new clients and customers.

I am sure that when you begin to use these secrets, your imagination will kick in and you will uncover other untapped areas to find new business. The key is to not just think outside of the box but to just think outside of your competitions box. Often your competitions box is rather small. So think outside their box and you will find that you will have more opportunities than you can handle.


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