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8 Silly Mistakes That People Make While Choosing Their Career

Updated on September 3, 2014

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Best Career Selection: Can Make A Difference

So, you are about to complete your graduation and still deciding on your career path. With over hundreds of expectations and options in front of you, it is likely that you may get perplexed and make a wrong decision while selecting your career path. Generally, selecting a career is not reckoned as one time decision, instead it is a series of decision that you usually make as you progress through diverse phase of your career, life and experience. But, you need to make your career selection vigilantly and avoid following the herd indeed. Ensure that you select the correct career path and avoid the following silly mistakes that are often made by people while making career decisions.

Take Your Time Then Choose


Not Investing Sufficient Time

Remember, good decisions are always made by taking sufficient time in hand. You should take time and make a selection with peace of mind and by considering the multitude of options available. Make your career planning beforehand and consider your own personal skills, interest, likes and dislikes before coming to a conclusion. Considering all these factors will help you select the best career path.


Understanding That Your College Major Doesn’t Have To Be Your Career

Usually, when people start planning for their career, they make a silly mistake and believe that their school life will dictate what exactly they are going to do in the rest of their life, which is completely a wrong concept. Your college major can be the starting point while choosing your career path, but you must not completely rely on their decision. Most of the time, the knowledge gained during school days is applied indirectly or directly to a myriad of career and job opportunities, both alternative and traditional career paths.


Selecting The Easiest Job You Get

It is completely a wrong decision indeed. Selecting a job on the basis of its ease is not always a good career decision. One needs to analyze whether or not their skill sets match the job requirements, and most importantly whether the job interests them.


Avoid Following The League

Most of the people tend to use other people’s career paths as their model and this is another silly mistake that people often make. Just because the people you know is fulfilled and contended with their career path, doesn’t mean that it would be the ultimate career path for you as well. Try to select the correct career path by researching all the career options available to you.


Selecting A Salary Based Job

Another silly mistake that most of the people make is by selecting job based on salary. Remember, the career path which doesn’t complement your interest and skill set will never offer sufficient money for survival. Selecting a job on the basis of salary will never satisfy you.

How to Choose a Career?


Selecting A Job Because It Offers Good Title

Don’t just get pressurized and impressed by the glory and the title of a high sounding job title, instead you need to talk with your counselor while making career decisions. If you are interested in social service, then select a job profile that suits your interest, instead of selecting an administrative job due to heavy sounding title.


Selecting A Job That Fulfills Your Parents’ Unfulfilled Dream

Most of the parents generally desire to live their unfulfilled dreams through their grown up kids, it is common and human tendency. But, you should never pressurize yourself to select the career path that your parents want. You should feel free to select your career path as per your skill set and interest.


Selecting A Job That Your Parents Do

People often select a career path that their parents do, remember you are unique and need to make your career selection as per your skills. You need to determine your uniqueness and make your career planning accordingly.

These were some of the silly mistakes that people often make while selecting their career path.

© 2014 Baldevraj Sahdev


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