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8 Sneaky Subject Line Tweaks For Getting Your Sales Email Opened [No Video]

Updated on July 18, 2015

Today I reviewed a video tutorial called Response Hacker by Glen Hopkins, an Internet Marketing guru I follow some. "Response Hacker" is about ten things you can do to increase the profitability of your subscribers to your email subscriber lists that starts with increasing the open rate. After all, if no one opens the email you send them no one reads the messages and no one buys anything you offer, right? Logical enough, I guess. Ha, ha, ha!

.Let me tell you all about what's in the course. Because you are a friend I won't hold anything back, so fear not. You absolutely for sure won't have to buy anything to see how it turns out for Millie as she lays tied to the train tracks before the approaching freight train slices her in two, thanks to D.J, that dirty guy. Hee hee hee! Geez this stuff just kills me!

The course is subtitled, “ 10 Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Open Rates and Clickthroughs to Sell More With Email.” The first part is on Delivery and Response, or more plainly, getting your email opened.The first thing is …..

Subject Lines....Things to put in your subject lines to get your email opened.

  • Question marks ”Are you still interested in starting your own online business?” is an example. People tend to want to answer any question posed to them so are inclined to follow through to get the answer, by opening an email, if necessary.

  • Odd Numbers Meaning $7, 343.79 as opposed to $7,000. These seem more believable to people. Credibility is essential to getting sales. If they don't trust you they don't buy from you. After all money is hard to come by.

  • Percentages ((98%) Percentages also pique curiosity and lend credibility. Example; Why 98% of Businesses Fail

  • (free report) Free reports work well if they offer something the reader dearly wants to know gratis. 7 Deadly Facebook Mistakes (free report). Free reports are used extensively to get people to sign up as email subscribers. It is part of the 'know, like, trust' sales funnel marketing formula. More on that sort of thing later.

  • [Video] Anything on video piques curiosity. The point here, though, is the brackets. Brackets increase the open rate according to experienced marketers. Here is an example from the course: [Video] How To Outsmart Gmail's New Tabs.

  • RE: Re: Watch Me Make $12,000 Dollars In 12 Days. Re: is strong but use it sparingly because it quickly wears out, according to Glen.

  • Personal Pronouns ( I, Me and Mine.) People are more responsive to the terms "I, Me and mine“ and "you, your" and "yours" than they are to terms like “his, hers”, and “theirs.” So write in the first person.

  • Scarcity: This Is Your Final Notice. If you have a five day sale, response will be relatively high on the first day. The next few days it will be much lower. On the fifth day, if you announced it ahead of time, add “Final Notice” to the subject line of your email note for that day and, typically, half of your total sales will come in.

So which hack is best? Glen says “Scarcity”, by far. The closest seconds are Re; the better of the bunch, [Video], and (free report). Apart from Re:, which I have little experience with, I agree entirely. These ideas come of research. No doubt they are correct.

That''s it for now. Do all these things and your subscribers will be much more responsive. You will get more sales. And that is what Response Hacker is all about. If you want to know more, Google "Response Hacker."


Terry Chestnutt

P.S. Glen has lots of good low cost video courses on all aspects of Internet Marketing like this one. Check him out with Google Search.


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