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7 Types of Posts for your Business Facebook and other Social Media

Updated on September 25, 2014

Using social media for your business is a free and easy way to connect with your current and prospective customers. But it is important to remember that the types of posts you create and share need to be interesting, useful and appropriate. Below is a list of 7 types of posts that every business should use on their social media sites.

1. Choice Posts: This kind of post is great for any business, and particularly those who have very similar products or services. By asking "Which do you prefer ______ or _____?" or "What is more important to you? _____ or _____?" you get your fans to engage in a conversation and you also learn more about the wants of your customers.

Example: What is more important to you when choosing an ABC Car? Great fuel mileage or a complementary remote starter?

2. Did You Know Posts: You know your business inside and out, including all the little details that make you stand out from your competition. It might be obvious to you that you have the best customer service or the easiest way of doing something, but sometimes your customers don't know it to. Use this type of post to introduce or reinforce something special about you.

Example: Did you know that ABC Cars all come with a lifetime brake guarantee?

3. Caught You Posts: These kinds of posts can be anything from catching a candid picture of someone using your product (with their permission of course), to sharing someone's existing status about using your product, to even sharing someone's status of using a competitors product and then writing a little about how much better your product is.

4. Test Posts: Who doesn't like to test their knowledge on a particular subject. Test posts are a great way for people to feel like they're connected to your product and brand because they have a good deal of knowledge on it. Be sure not to make the test too long and don't have all the questions be too easy - it's not a challenge if everyone is getting 100 percent right.

5. Celebrity Posts: Not every business will be able to gloat that Brad Pitt uses their products, but keep an eye out for local celebrities using your products and be sure to capitalize on that attention. In fact, it doesn't even have to be a person. Maybe you are donating your products or serves to a charity.

Example: ABC Cars is the exclsuive car dealership for 123's Charity Car Race. Make sure to join us as we support 123 in raising money for the cure.

6. Ask Us Questions: No doubt that sometimes when your phone is ringing, it's prospective customers who are not quite ready to buy, they just have a question. Keep track of those questions and create posts that answer them. This way, you're sharing knowledge about your brand and potentially reducing the amount of time your staff are on the phone answering the same questions.

Example: "We just got a call from Johnny asking if we're open on Christmas Eve this year. And guess what? We are!"

7. Evolution Posts: It's hard to be truly original these days, and most businesses offer products that are a newer, better way of solving an old problem. Evolution posts that show how something used to be done, or what it used to look like, are a great way of showcasing how far your industry has come and how much you do to make sure your customers have the very best.

Example: "Did you know that windshield wipers were invented in 1903? More than a century later, all ABC cars come with state-of-the-art liquid repelling XYX wipers."


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