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8 steps to design an effective website

Updated on July 12, 2016

8 steps to design an effective website1. the ideaYou must choose a new idea and distinct from the rest of the other sites you should also see competition sites and what they offerEven those sites you develop yourself and also likes to be your idea of easy explanation and clarification and could be formulated2. planningIn this step you baltkhtabt for all stages of the work site from design and programming clearly and write everything on paperSo be clear vision for you and anyone reading idea3. DesignBakhtiaravdal the designer must design with the best pictures and wallpapers, the best color and line type suitable for the quality of the siteAnd all this must be consistent with the first altkhtabt4. programmingAt this point the site is fully programmable and link the site with a database and this is one of the most important stepsUsed in several programming languages.5. contentAt this stage we develop the final content of the site you will see site members and visitors and must take into account the limited size of imagesWhile maintaining quality as possible and put the maximum benefit in minimum number of linesShortcut to the maximum extent taking into account the clarification6. the testAt this stage we test site in all possible ways before we view the site for visitors and members even underestimateError rate to as little as possible and fill all gaps7. archiveNow we create a sitemap for search engines and add the site to all search engines and site deployment in all social networksSocial forums8.And now this last stage, which is one of the most important and no less important than the rest of the steps and strong management of the siteMonitoring and providing support to members and visitors.


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