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9 Ways To Ensure A Great New Year!

Updated on December 29, 2010
class in session at our annual conference in Las Vegas
class in session at our annual conference in Las Vegas

Gearing up for the New Year

        The DTW File: Studio Biz   9 Ways To Ensure A Great New Year!

By Angela D'Valada Sirico

Each year, as the holidays are in sight and New Years Eve approaches, I like to make my New Year’s resolutions. Of course there are always the personal ones, such as resolving to lose those extra pounds and to clear out every closet in the house and throw away anything I have not worn in two years. (Why is it that we always think that we will be able to use those clothes that don’t fit right now? We fantasize that we will definitely be able to fit into that size 6 again and yet they hang in the closet year after year!)

I like to write out lists for both personal and business resolutions. Somehow, when you write them down and post them in a prominent position it seems easier to stick to them. The business resolutions I make help me stay fresh and creative in my approach to my work. So often, after the holidays there is a sort of anticlimactic feeling and it really gives me a boost when I look at all the different and more efficient ideas that I can implement basically to make life easier.

Here is my Top Nine list to help motivate you to get your business off to a great start in 2011.

1.     Get organized! Look at ways to streamline the day-to-day operation of your studio. Revisit your manuals for your front desk staff and your faculty. See if they need updating to bring them more in line with how everything is being run.

2.     Schedule regular meetings with your front desk staff and faculty. Listen to what they have to say and see if any new ideas can be implemented.

3.     Go through old mail that has been accumulating on your desk. Yes, this is very time consuming, but you will feel so much better when you see some clear space!

4.     Look at your studio, inside and out. Does anything need a facelift? Are all the sound systems working well? Do the carpets need steam cleaning and could a couple of walls use a quick paint job? You don’t have to spend a fortune to make everything look and feel fresh and uplifting. Those terrific little magic eraser pads do absolute wonders to freshen up walls and any other painted surfaces.

5.     Find ways to connect with the parents of your students. Ask them how they feel the school year is going so far. Try to determine what they are happy about and what they would like to see done differently. Of course, some people will just tell you about all the problems they see, but every now and then somebody will come up with a really good idea that you may not have given thought to. No matter what the parent says, it is good to let them talk and feel that you are interested in what they have to say. All you have to do is sift through everything and decide what you want to use and what you want to discard.

6.     Find new ways to really connect with your students. Set new goals for them. Give them deadlines to improve upon certain things. Have a split contest. Surprise them by devoting a whole class to improvisation. Anything to catch them slightly off guard and get them revitalized for the New Year! Find ways to get out of your rut!

7.     Make a plan to go to local events to connect with other professionals in your area. Work on getting better visibility within your community and start networking with other child-friendly businesses. The more people you get to know in your community, the more your business will grow. It is difficult sometimes to get away, but it is so important to build these moments into your schedule. Find ways to get out of your studio!

8.     Commit to ME time at least once a week. YOU are the most important person in your business. Don’t forget to feed your soul, mind and body.

9.     Close your eyes and visualize yourself reinvigorating and achieving your goals. Make a commitment to get together with peers, not to vent but to nurture your spirits.  We would love to see you at this year’s Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo where we you will be moved, challenged and renewed!

 *********************************************************************   Which of these issues is important to YOU? Are you looking to get your new year off to a great start? Would you like to increase your income or studio profits? Are you looking to reduce stress in your life? Would you like to take your studio to the next level next year, both financially and artistically? Would you like to brainstorm with Master teachers and studio owners with over 23 years of experience in the business, who are willing to share their expertise with you? Let us help you make this your best year ever. Give us a call to see if working with a business coach is right for you. We are eager to help you exceed your goals.
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