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A, B, C's of a Good Manager

Updated on June 19, 2013




These are the foundation of any good person! More so, a leader of people. They are necessary for every and any variety of reasons. They can be built upon, and make life that much better.

A good manager, like a good person has some innate leadership abilities. But most of all they have all the raw material to work with, so you produce the whole package. Not just someone who is good about business, paying bills and handling transactions, but about dealing with the human resource available to them in the form of their employees.

A good manager has and develops good people skills. You know the basic understanding of common courtesy and fairness. They know how to listen and speak to people. They go out of their way to make their environment as pleasant as possible for all their staff.

They are cordial. They are prompt to handle difficulties. They are learners and teachers, because they are leaders. They seek to benefit and grow their staff through whatever tools are given to them or that they can incorporate in their office.


  • to business
  • to employees
  • to customers

Attention to details. Lots of us look for this in others depending on the kind of job they are to perform. Yet, we know that not all people have the same expanse of detail orientation. It all varies. Women are known to be more inclined to do this better than men.

Attention to listening. Attentiveness! This trait is necessary in life! Period. But even more so when managing people. For one is makes the other person feel vital or important. It shows respect and value. It conveys that what you have to say is necessary. It also causes that individual to do better.

Attention to communication. Many of us hear but few of us really listen! We have two ears and one mouth naturally for a good reason. So we have no excuse when listening because we have two tools to hear. One mouth attached to communicate.

Communication is a two way process.

  1. listening
  2. talking

Sometimes i think it should be three.

  1. listening
  2. mouth shut
  3. talking

No two voices can talk together, speaking different words without it sounding like some god awful noise, is difficult if not impossible. Oh we can sing together. But talk together - No! Each person must take a turn. Each person must talk, shut up and listen.

Sometimes listening is the biggest part of the conversation. Sometimes!

Sometimes talking is the biggest part of the conversation. Sometimes!

Communication depends on them both, but spend more time listening and less time talking or vicer versa depending on the situation...


  • work
  • home
  • play
  • health
  • education

Balance, easier said than done! Much of what we are being in life requires balancing. The balancing act is an interesting philosophical ideology. It looks good on paper. It sounds good in speeches but when it meets with the reality of living it falls to pieces, like a bleached out cotton t-shirt.

There are points for doing the best you can. But something always suffers even when one is pursuing balance because life, God love us, has it's complications!


  • trust
  • honesty
  • fair play

Character, this like communication is non negotiable. It is necessary in this life. Necessary as we go about our business and our daily lives. I heard a quote that says character is what a person does in the dark, sounds good, but we have to go beyond that to discover what 'character ', is really about.

A good character is based on what? Who establishes those principals? Lets start with qualities that we know is not a part of good character.

  • lying
  • cheating
  • stealing
  • abusing power and position
  • abusing others, especially children and old people, the ones we decide can't defend themselves

Yet there is a mixed view of what is acceptable lying, cheating, stealing, abuse of power and people. Look around and tell me what you think?

Check out the government. Big business. Hollywood and celebrities.

Is that the norm?


Normally come out of abuses. Law suits. Tragedies. Some one person's experience. And typically serve to remind us about what is acceptable behavior, not necessarily what is right. Man made laws, principals and concepts end up broken for various reasons.

The number one reason is because it has not changed the heart or the mind!

Rules are used to govern the whole because any cohesive unit is a more effective entity! Rules are needed to give us all safe guards in which to enjoy what we do, not to cause harm, and to make any environment better for us and those to come.

Discipline takes many forms. What is necessary for one personality is not acceptable for another. People all react to different forms of discipline. But some form of discipline is needed for any business, home or whatever to function at full capacity smoothly.

All of these points make for better managers! Especially for those that deal with people.


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    • William Beale profile image

      William Beale 5 years ago from Woodbridge

      When Ray Kroc meet the Mc'donald's brother back in 1956, they had a great product (Hamburger's and Fries) without a great drink. And the milkshake was invented, their's nothing like a great sandwich,fries and a shake.

      Today in 2013; Mc'donald's has surpassed its Goal by just keeping it simple. It became my best employer for many years, my last stop was Seattle,Wa. to help a minority business owner.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments.


      sign our guestbook and keep in touch!

    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 5 years ago

      Thanks William Beale, yes Lord we are dealing with all types of complications, distractions and confusing situations, that's why we need like you said - a 'Keep it simple' rule of thumb!

    • William Beale profile image

      William Beale 5 years ago from Woodbridge

      great information, for 19 years I was in the fast food industry. I have always believed in the (Keep it simple) rule of thumb, with so many distraction its very important to just apply the basic 1,2, bounce

      we are facing a world of complication's and confusing situation. its like going back to school because those other teachers missed the point.


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