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A Beginner’s Guide to Selling Jewelry Online

Updated on January 28, 2018

Do you make jewelry and want to know the best ways to sell your pieces online? This article will explain all of your jewelry selling options so that you can make the right decision. There are many ways to sell your homemade jewelry online and they are all great options for certain sellers.

In this article, we will explore the jewelry sections of eBay, Etsy, and WePay as well as illustrate the pros and cons of purchasing your own domain to sell your jewelry. Before webegin, you will want to determine two things: the name of your jewelry store and a description or theme that

sets you apart from all of the competition. Once you have these things written down, you will be able to choose which platform has the best market for your products.

This guide will not only tell you the different ways to sell your jewelry online, but also show you how to market the jewelry depending on what kind you are selling. For example, if your jewelry is more bohemian, you will want to use Etsy as that style is very popular to Etsy users. If you are marketing more toward older women or have very low prices, you may want to go with eBay.

You will see that the more work you put in, the more profit you get to keep and the less seller's fees you need to pay per item. So, if you have a lot of time to work on your store, I suggest using the cheapest option and increasing your profit margins.

Scroll down for more details on how to sell jewelry online and where to do it.

Selling Jewelry on Your Own Domain


Pros and Cons of Making your Own Jewelry Website


  • No sellers fees
  • Complete control of your design
  • Less waiting to receive funds


  • Having to purchase a domain
  • Having to design a site
  • More SEO and self-marketing

Do you think making your own site is the best way to sell your jewelry?

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The cheapest way to sell your jewelry online is by purchasing your own domain name and create your own website to sell your jewelry on it. There are many options to you if you choose to create your own website, however, you may need to do a lot more work than you would if you used one of the platforms that are already in place (like eBay or Etsy).

How to Create your Own Website

There are many ways you can go about creating your own website. If you are an experienced web designer, this will be a piece of cake for you. For those of you who do not know much about web design, you can use a domain-hosting company like HomeStead, Wix, or Google Sites to help you create a nice-looking site at a low price.

SEO and Marketing Your Own Site

If you are attempting to make your own website, you will need to learn or practice SEO techniques and possibly spend money on advertising in order to get your name out there. Think back to when I asked you to write down a unique description of your store. Ask yourself: What sets you apart? Who is my market? How can I reach them?

Seller's Fees for Selling Items Online: eBay, Etsy, WePay Comparrison

Click on the image to enlarge
Click on the image to enlarge | Source

Why are you thinking of selling your jewelry online?

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Selling jewelry on a site that already exists as an online shopping center can be beneficial to you because there is an established market and plenty of visitors looking for items to purchase. The downsides to using a platform like this are that you have to give a percentage of your earnings to the hosting site. On some of these sites, you must pay a subscription fee as well as a sellers fee for each purchase and a PayPal processing fee.

In some cases, these charges are well worth it. If you are selling large quantities,

Selling Jewelry on eBay


Pros and Cons of Using eBay to Sell Your Jewelry


  • Option to auction items
  • Little marketing required
  • Easy to use and receive funds


  • eBay takes a big portion of profits
  • High store and sellers fees
  • Restrictions on number of items and amount of money you receive

Do you think eBay is the best way to sell your jewelry?

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Selling on eBay

eBay is a great site to use when you want to sell a lot of items quickly. However, eBay has high sellers fees that decrease your income. The rates are as follows:

Subscription Fee

$15.95 to $299.95 per Month

Insertion Fee per Item

3¢ to 20¢

Final Item Fees

8% to 15% of item fee

PayPal Processing Fee

2.9% of transaction total

Total Fees for Cheapest Store

$16.28 per Month
10.9% per Item

If you sell on eBay without a store, you will have a limit to how much you can sell in the month. For a handmade jewelry store, you will want to sell numerous items and the net profit may not be worth it unless you have hundreds of items.

Selling Jewelry on Etsy


Pros and Cons of Selling your Jewelry on Etsy


  • Lower sellers fees than eBay
  • Easy-to-use site
  • Beautiful design, which makes your jewelry look more expensive
  • Heavy market


  • Some sellers fees
  • Heavy competition
  • Younger market

Will you sell your jewelry on Etsy?

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Selling on Etsy

Selling on Etsy is fast, easy and fun. Etsy is known for artsy, youthful and handmade items that are a little below retail price. Etsy not only has plenty of sellers, but also customers that they gain from advertising on Facebook and all over the web.

Etsy's sellers fees are not as high as eBay, but definitely cheaper than some other selling platforms online.

Seller's Fee
3.5% per Item

PayPal Processing Fee
2.9% per transaction

Esty's Total Seller's Fees

If you are planning to sell on Etsy, make sure to take high quality photos and make our store page look professionally designed like the one in the photo above.

Selling Jewelry on WePay


Pros and Cons of Selling your Jewelry on WePay


  • Low sellers fees
  • Easy-to-use site
  • No pay-out limits or extra fees
  • Low in-stie competition


  • Little marketing done for you
  • Little control over design
  • Not many options to have coupons or promotional deals

Will you sell your jewelry on WePay?

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Selling on WePay

Selling items on WePay is easy, fast, and profitable if you know how to market online. WePay has the cheapest seller's fees online and is such an easy platform to use that anyone could open their own store. WePay works directly through PayPal to complete transactions, which makes security issues minimal. The WePay seller's fees are as follows:

Total WePay Seller's Fees
3.5% of item cost

As you may notice, WePay doesn't charge for a PayPal processing fee. This makes your profit margin much higher, but at what cost? Although WePay is also a donation center, a business tool and much more, the traffic to the site and amount of shoppers is low. If you have a WePay store, you need to market it yourself unlike eBay and Etsy stores, where the shoppers find you.

Where do you think your jewelry will sell?

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    • amithak50 profile image


      7 years ago from India

      Wow,That is really interesting ..Thanks for the nice beginners guide

    • YUMMommy profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      Great piece. Never heard of WePay, but I have good experience with selling items on eBay and Etsy. However, in the long run I do think that sellers could maximize their profits by setting up their own shop. You'd avoid seller fees and other restrictions.

    • Robin profile image

      Robin Edmondson 

      7 years ago from San Francisco

      When I was a little girl my mom use to have jewelry parties where she sold gold. I remember her setting up all of her gold in the living room. It is so much easier now a days with technology. Thanks!


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