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A Business Beyond My Expectations ... lia sophia!

Updated on March 27, 2015

I am a woman … an entrepreneur! What can I say? I am amazed at what is happening in my life with my business. I love my lia sophia and I so enjoy showing the jewelry and seeing women getting such pleasure out of the lia sophia line. It has far surpassed my expectations as far as the fulfillment factor. It satisfies me to see women so happy! It makes me smile when I think about the fact that I am helping someone feel better about themselves. There is nothing like finding that perfect piece for your ensemble and feeling beautiful because you know … YOU LOOK FABULOUS, DARLING!!

My first show was incredible! The sales were over $1000.00! My Hostess was extremely happy because she got over $300.00 in jewelry credit and she even bought some additional pieces. She was able to get almost everything that she wanted and was pleased as punch. I, for one was also blessed because my commission was close to $250.00 for that particular show. Now, you can’t beat that for a few hours work which if you really think about it … isn’t work at all!

My daughter is my lia sophia Independent Advisor in training. She drills me in the car about the catalog… asking me questions to see if I can tell her the names of the pieces of lia sophia jewelry that I have to show. She is as familiar with the catalog as I am and often will assist my clients in finding what they are looking for in it. She helps met set up the jewelry, hand out the catalogs and when we are playing games she hands out the cards. She will often help by filling out the wish lists for the older ladies that may have difficulty seeing the catalog. As a thank you for her help she gets a part of the proceeds and to pick out a piece of jewelry every now and then for herself.

This is the perfect business for a single mom with daughters! This is a wonderful way for you to bond with each other on a level that you both will enjoy. My daughter and I have so much fun as we go to these shows together. We have bonding time in the car on the way and the extra funds allow us to do things that we might not have been able to do. We get such pleasure when we are preparing for a show because we coordinate to find the perfect piece of jewelry to wear with our outfits … the only downside ... sometimes we both want to wear the same lia sophia piece. I win on that one! We have so much fun!!

Let me talk about the benefits of being a lia sophia Independent Advisor.

  1. Jewelry – The jewelry is elegant and beautifully appointed!
  2. 30% Commission on All Show Sales
  3. You have the opportunity to buy retired items at a deep discount to bless your hostesses and clients.
  4. Flexibility in scheduling
  5. Helping women to complete their look and feel even more beautiful in their lia sophia jewelry.
  6. Opportunity to travel
  7. Free jewelry because as an Advisor you earn jewelry credits too.
  8. The list goes on …

Being a lia sophia Independent Advisor has too many advantages to list them all here but suffice it to say that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I never knew I could get such joy from something as simple as sharing what I love … jewelry. If you are researching for a business that you can do from your home ... love jewelry … love working with women to feel better about themselves … need to make some extra money … are fun and outgoing then lia sophia is a wonderful option for you.

Love My lia sophia!!


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    • Precious Pearl profile image

      Precious Pearl 7 years ago

      Thank you for your heart4theword! I appreciate your feedback. Blessings to you!

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 7 years ago from hub

      Jewelry is a fun business. Women love jewelry:) I think some may be like me, and have not heard of this line? When I saw the title about little sophia...I really thought it had something to do with pets? You might consider changing your titles related to Sophia? "Sophia Jewelry" Just a thought? May your business be blessed:)