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A Complete Review of Dave Kelly's Profit Loophole

Updated on July 13, 2010

A Complete Review of Dave Kelly's Profit Loophole

Creating an online income depends on a number of factors, but one of the major reasons why people fail in making it big with their Internet business is because they aren't sure what to follow. Profit Loophole is a system created by Dave Kelly, an SEO expert who wants to help internet entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running. Dave is no stranger to internet marketing. He has created the Authority Loophole, the Ultimate Search Engine Loophole and even a backlink building service named Linvana. Why is Profit Loophole different from all of the other courses out there? It is a original system that teaches you how to successfully build and flip websites for profit. The biggest reason this course is different is that it teaches you how to make money directly from the sites you build before you actually flip them. But when it comes to site flipping, the biggest hurdle faced by online marketers is that they have a hard time making a site profitable. This is a major thing that needs to happen before you sell the site. This article will teach you about Profit Loophole and how it will help you get into the site flipping business.

Many internet marketing experts will tell you to find a good niche, do some SEO and get targeted visitors so it becomes profitable. These sites are usually monetized by affiliate programs and Google AdSense. While you can make money this way, Dave's strategy is to sell your sites rather than holding on to them. His main argument is that the income from these sites can fluctuate from time and time, and can take a nose dive in the future due to several factors. The system he teaches is to sell a site while it's still performing well. The Profit Loophole is based on selling profitable sites at the perfect time. This is a strategy where you can't lose, as you're selling your site at it's best and then it becomes someone else's concern. You usually get a good price at such times, and Dave gives you the smallest details on getting it right. He points out that people sometimes don't want to let go of their sites, and how they have to realize that it's more rational to sell them at the right time. This course teaches you the entire process, from market and keyword research to placing quality content on your sites to how to price them when you're ready to sell.

You'll be able to follow the techniques given in Profit Loophole by watching the video tutorials and the case studies, so all there is to do is copy what you've seen. You'll be able to watch an example in real time, and to make it simpler for you to begin creating your websites, Dave includes high end website templates for you to use.

You will learn everything you need to know about site flipping with Profit Loophole, from knowledge of the industry to the tools of the system to help your business become a success.


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