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A Comprehensive Guide For Part Time Jobs in Delhi

Updated on August 26, 2014


Part time jobs in Delhi, to earn work experience of real value before you start working full time
Part time jobs have been the saviour for students, housewives and even working professionals to top their monthly income. One can take up a part time job available from a wide range of job options. Depending upon the skills and the interest, people have been choosing their part time work option, however, various professionals roles like marketing, consulting and human resource management are some of the few roles which are offered on a part time basis to those with essential skills and qualifications for that particular role. Those who are graduates, or are still pursuing their education have always preferred to take up a part time role, which not only contributes to their monthly income but also helps them earn some work experience which is of real value when applying for a full time job. Here in this hub, I am going to talk about various roles that are available under the category of part time jobs in Delhi.


Job Options for Part Time Jobs in Delhi

Retail Sales: Delhi has a wide array of retail companies which hire sales representatives to work on a part time basis. One can easily find these jobs all over the internet with a wide variety of employers. The job responsibilities include; taking care of walk-in customers and driving the daily sales of the particular store you are employed at. A great medium to start their career for those who are aiming to build a career in marketing and sales, as this role will allow you to understand the basics of selling and marketing at the ground level. The remuneration will certainly depend upon the number of hours that you put to work along with performance based incentives, which may be dependent upon your employer.

Content Writing:
Content writers are much in demand, owing to the requirement of unique and fresh content for the web. You can work as a content writer for social media, search engine optimization or for a publishing house. Part time jobs in Delhi, has the maximum number of openings for this profile. Not only part time jobs, but full time prospects in this job domain are way too brighter. To start working as a part time content writer, one needs excellent knowledge of english language and the ability to work on the internet. As a part time content writer you would be asked to develop content for either search engine optimization or social media, for a particular product or a service, which is for the purpose of reaching out to a wider base of audience.

Graphics designing:
The wide use of media by organizations, has led to an uprise in demand of graphic designer. If you have a creative bent of mind and can learn the softwares used for graphic designing, then you can also be in the middle of the rise in demand. The wide application of internet as a media platform, has made organizations to concentrate their marketing strategies on the digital arena. As a part time graphics designer you would be involved with creating creatives which will be further used over the social media for a wider out reach. Part time jobs in Delhi for this role can be found easily over the internet, and the remuneration here is also based on the number of man hours that you put to work.

Web development: This is also a quite promising part time job option in Delhi, as after earning some experience one can take up a full time role in this function and never look back. The wide usage of internet and technology, which demands skilled web designers to write codes to develop a website. Since more and more businesses are making their presence felt over the internet, and look for web designers to achieve that goal. This job role is essentially for those with technical background, even if they don't, the skills essential for this role can be easily acquired through the internet.

Data Entry:
Data entry part time jobs in Delhi, require the ability to work on a computer and error free typing skills. Data entry has been one of the most popular part time job options, as it requires a basic skills set. In a data entry role, one is responsible for turning hand written information into digital medium, by the means of a computer loaded with a word processing software. Here the compensation will be based on the number of keystrokes, per word or the number of hours put to work. The difficulty level of the tasks can be termed as easy to medium, after doing a couple of assignments one easily gets the hang of what needs to be done.


Talent Based Part Time Jobs

Other than that, Part time jobs in Delhi are available for those with certain set of talents and skills like: photography, dancing and acting. Being talent based jobs, one can find a part time job opportunities with schools, institutes and colleges. And the remuneration for such jobs is quite alluring as employers hire such professionals on a project basis, which makes the remuneration go way up higher.

As mentioned earlier, especially for those who are yet to graduate, taking up a part time job in Delhi will allow you to earn some work experience which will be of benefit when applying for a full time job. Consider looking for part time jobs with those employers who can convert your part time role to full time employment. Demonstrating your skills and abilities are the only way to get a part time role converted into full time employment. One gets the advantage of learning the nuances of time management, develop stronger work ethic, and learn how to cope with stress and perform under pressure.


When you scan the web for part time jobs in Delhi

Part time jobs in Delhi can be easily found over the internet, nevertheless there are certain precautions that you will need to take when applying for a job. First thing, is to scan credible and trustworthy job sites, second is to apply for those job openings only which sound genuine, and have proper information regarding the employer and the job. One can find innumerable part time options which are designed to dupe people of their hard earned money, as they ask for a joining fee to start getting the work. No body ever charges any money for giving a job, under the name of joining fees or membership charges. The best practice here is to apply for those openings, where you can find information regarding the employer, over the internet.

Rest assured, keeping the job search persistent and applying for as many openings as one can, will make the chances of landing with a suitable job go higher. If the tasks assigned to are completed well before the delivery date, try looking for more part time assignments as it helps in snowballing the paycheck with a chain of clients. Keeping up with the commitments, on time delivery and quality work; hold the key to success in a part time job. After achieving an expert level of skills in a particular role, try looking for full time openings for the skill which has been developed, as the compensation in a full time role will be greater than that of a part time role. Delhi, has a wide spectrum of opportunities that one can avail to their own benefit, irrespective of the role being, full time or part time.


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